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Preventive measures for centrifugal fan wear

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1 Improve the dust treatment effect of centrifugal fan

The microscopic essence of dust is solid particles. Long-term use will cause serious wear of the dust to the centrifugal fan, and then cause damage to the centrifugal fan. The prevention mechanism is found by clarifying the wear mechanism. In the centrifugal fan equipment installation and system maintenance work, the dust essence effect of the fan should be improved, and the dust removal equipment of the fan is added to improve the dust removal effect of the centrifugal fan and improve the purification degree of the centrifugal fan gas. In the inspection and maintenance work of centrifugal fans, it is necessary to establish an inspection and maintenance system for the dust removal equipment to effectively ensure the effectiveness and time of the dust removal equipment and reduce the wear and tear of dust on the centrifugal fans.

2 Improve the rationality of the operating conditions of centrifugal fans

The maintenance and management personnel of centrifugal fans shall focus on the prevention of wear and control of wear and tear on the control of the working conditions of the fans, and realize the advance control of the status and quality of the centrifugal fans, so as to maintain a reasonable operating state of the centrifugal fans and prevent the problem of wear. . To optimize the operation of the centrifugal fan, ensure that the flow rate of the centrifugal fan is in the designed state and range, make the deviation and the incident relationship in the ideal state of the centrifugal fan, and control the trend and range of centrifugal fan wear. In addition, it is necessary to strictly regulate the working time and intensity of centrifugal fans, prohibiting high-intensity and long-term overload operation, maintaining the normativity and stability of the working conditions of the centrifuge, and reducing the accumulation and occurrence of wear.

3 Select wear-resistant centrifugal fan

The design and function of the system should be combined with the starting point of preventing wear and maintaining the state of the centrifugal fan to control the power, position and type of the centrifugal fan, effectively improve the rationality of the position and function of the centrifugal fan, and make the centrifugal fan adapt to different states and different conditions. The actual requirements required to prevent fan wear caused by excessive load and overtime operation. In the process of selecting centrifugal fans, wear-resistant fans are the mainstay, and the technical performance and wear-resistant technical indicators of the fan volute, blades, liners and guard plates are mainly controlled to effectively prevent possible wear of the fans.

4 Controlling centrifugal fan running speed

According to the mathematical analysis of centrifugal fan wear, maintenance of fan operating conditions and control of fan wear must start from controlling the speed of operation. It is necessary to balance the demand relationship between centrifugal fan working intensity and the ventilation flow of the entire system to achieve the coordination between system ventilation pressure and fan working capacity. In order to achieve stable operation of the centrifugal fan, effectively control the speed of the centrifugal fan, reduce the invasion of dust and particles to the fan blades and guard plates, and prevent the fan from wearing out.

5 Improve the wear resistance of centrifugal fan blades

In the process of design, purchase, construction and maintenance of centrifugal fans, the wear resistance of fan blades must be considered, and the technical performance of fan blades must be strictly tested, and dust and wear resistance should be selected as the selection goals. Pay attention to the total wear of the blade and the anti-dust function, and select the ribs and bars of the blade as the prerequisite for technical control. It is necessary to standardize the process of fan construction and blade installation, focusing on the standard treatment of blade edges, improving the leading edge of the blade and surface strength, and applying antiseptics and ceramic materials to suppress and control blade wear.

6 Improve the structure of centrifugal fans

Improving the structure of the centrifugal fan needs to start from the following links: First, it is necessary to optimize the structure of the inlet of the centrifugal fan, control the intensity and speed of the inlet air from the perspective of air flow and ion movement, and reduce the possible wear of the centrifugal fan. The second is to change the structure of the blade itself, replacing the traditional hollow blade with a solid blade to improve the stability of the blade and the operating life of the centrifugal fan. The third is to optimize the selection of centrifugal fan blades, select narrower fan blades, optimize the installation angle, and form a comprehensive control of wear. The fourth is to install a wear-resistant grille on the front of the centrifugal fan to reduce the wear of the fan blades, constrain the air flow and dust content, transform the form of fan wear, and increase the fan's service life.

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