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What are the basic causes of centrifugal fan wear?

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Centrifugal fan wear can cause fan vibration, shorten the life of the fan, and can make the centrifugal fan not work properly in severe cases. In particular, the blade of the centrifugal fan is severely worn, which not only destroys the flow characteristics in the centrifugal fan, but also easily causes major accidents such as blade breakage and speeding. So, what are the basic reasons to understand centrifugal fan wear?

1 Wear of dust on centrifugal fans

A large amount of microscopic dust during the operation of a centrifugal fan will cause damage to the fan bearings, blades, and motors due to long-term accumulation. Due to the small particle size and numerous types of dust, many dusts cannot be effectively eliminated, and are easily formed in the vulnerable parts of the fan. damage. At the same time, in order to control costs and improve fan ventilation, some fan application units have reduced the use of fan dust collectors, which will cause strong damage to the fan by dust and increase the risk of fan wear and failure.

2 The operating conditions of the centrifugal fan are unreasonable

Normal centrifugal fans have systematic, structural and functional prevention of wear. Under special circumstances, centrifugal fans can operate poorly, which will change the operating status of the motor, rotor, and blades of the fan. The structure, air movement trajectory has changed, shifted and moved, which will aggravate the abrasion of the fan, and it will also cause the abrasion of the fan under the conditions of long-term operation and high load operation.

3 wrong selection of centrifugal fan

Different positions and different function settings require different centrifugal fans and different state adjustments to adapt, and the gap between design and actuality, differences in functions and needs form the problem of centrifugal fan selection, and it is very easy to form fan overload work and centrifugal fans Increased wear and tear. Shown in the centrifugal fan's volute, blades, liners, shields and other parts of the serious damage, not only shows the instability of the centrifugal fan's operating state, but also shows the runaway cost of the fan out of control, resulting in aggravated centrifugal fan wear .

4 Centrifugal fan runs too fast

Excessive running speed is another important cause of centrifugal fan wear. According to the analysis of centrifugal fan wear data, the degree of wear is positively related to the operation speed of the centrifugal fan. Under high temperature conditions, the operation speed of the centrifugal fan is doubled, and the centrifugal fan wear is increased by three. Times, popularly speaking: the centrifugal fan wear is directly proportional to the square of the fan's operating speed.

5 Insufficient wear resistance of centrifugal fan blades

In the design and production process of the centrifugal fan, there is a problem of insufficient wear-resistant mechanical system of the blade, which causes the risk of blade wear during the operation of the centrifugal fan. Some manufacturers have not carburized the blades of the fans, and have not painted the wear-resistant materials, resulting in insufficient wear resistance of the blades. From the design point of view, the blades of the fan have no anti-wear design and there are no ribs and bars. The blades will cause wear problems during fan operation. In the process of fan installation, the blade blades are not treated in a standardized manner, resulting in insufficient leading edge quality, which in turn causes increased wear on the fan blades.

6 The structure of the centrifugal fan is unreasonable

The overall structure of the centrifugal fan also has systemic hidden dangers and unreasonable problems, which will cause the accumulation and aggravation of the wear of the centrifugal fan. Especially the blade structure is selected at the air inlet. There are centrifugal fan structures and functions that are incompatible with the blade state. Hidden danger, which will cause problems such as dust erosion, fan vibration, insufficient stability, etc., which will lead to increased fan wear, and even cause damage and loss of centrifugal fans.

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