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What should I pay attention to when buying anticorrosive fans?

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There are many model parameters of anticorrosive fans, and the prices of different model parameters are different. Therefore, you must choose the correct model parameters when purchasing anticorrosive fans, otherwise it will not be effective for the enterprise. Because anticorrosive fans are widely used, and their selection is relatively complicated, there are many fan brands in the domestic market. So what issues should we pay attention to in daily selection? The following Suzhou Dingyu introduces to everyone, reminding customers to consider the following points when choosing anticorrosive fans:

1. The parameters that must be paid attention to when selecting a suitable anti-corrosion fan are: air volume, full pressure, efficiency, speed and motor power.

2. Before selecting anticorrosive fans, you should understand the production and product quality of domestic anticorrosive fans, such as the types and specifications of fans produced, the special uses of various products, and the development and promotion of new products. Full consideration should also be given to environmental protection. Required in order to choose a fan.

3. According to the different physical and chemical properties of the gas transported by the anti-corrosion fan, choose different fans. If explosion and flammable gas are transported, explosion-proof fans should be selected; dust or coal dust fans should be selected for dust or coal powder transportation; anti-corrosion fans should be selected for corrosive gases; work under high temperature or high temperature The gas should be selected from high-temperature centrifugal fans.

4. When more than two types of fans are available on the performance chart of anti-corrosion fan selection, the one with higher efficiency and smaller machine number should be preferentially selected: the one with a larger adjustment range, of course, it should also be compared to weigh the advantages and disadvantages And decide.

5. If the diameter of the selected fan impeller is much larger than that of the original fan, in order to use the original motor shaft, bearing and support, etc., the start time of the motor, the strength of the original parts of the fan and the criticality of the shaft must be critical. The speed is calculated.

6. When selecting a fan, when the power of the motor is less than or equal to 75KW, the valve for starting only can be omitted. When the high-temperature flue gas or air is selected and the centrifugal boiler induced draft fan is selected, a valve for starting should be provided to prevent overload during cold operation.

7. When selecting anticorrosive fans, try to avoid using fans in parallel or in series. When it is unavoidable, the fans of the same type and performance should be selected to work together. When connected in series, there should be a certain pipeline connection between the first-stage fan and the second-stage high-pressure heat fan.

8. The selected anti-corrosion fan should consider making full use of the original equipment, suitable for on-site production and installation, and safe operation.

9. For anti-corrosion fan systems with noise reduction requirements, first select the anti-corrosion fan with high efficiency and low impeller peripheral speed, and make it work at a higher efficiency point; also according to the propagation mode of noise and vibration generated by the ventilation system, Take appropriate noise reduction and vibration reduction measures.

The above 9 requirements are the conditions that we need to consider when selecting and purchasing fans.

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