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To develop centrifugal fans, reducing power consumption is the key

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Anyone familiar with the working principle of centrifugal fans knows that for centrifugal fans, the fan is actually a kind of high energy-consuming equipment. From the analysis of some comparative data, the power resources it consumes account for a larger proportion of the fans. big.

In our country and the world as a whole, energy shortage is an undeniable fact. In the face of the current shortage of energy, and the promotion and application of high-yield and efficient working surfaces, energy saving and consumption reduction have also become a common concern of production enterprises. Reducing the power consumption of wind turbines is an important task for small production enterprises.

To reduce the power consumption of a centrifugal fan, in addition to improving the efficiency of the centrifugal fan itself, it is important to choose a reasonable adjustment method for the centrifugal fan. Because the load produced by the fan will change with the changes in process requirements, most centrifugal fans currently need to adjust the flow according to the load of the host.

At present, in China's enterprises, the energy-saving adjustment method of the fan is relatively old, and throttling adjustment is generally used. When throttling adjustment is used, the flow of the fan is mainly adjusted by the regulating valve or throttling baffle. The throttling flow of the fan is large, and it can even throttle more than 50% at low load. However, due to the throttling loss And running away from the high efficiency zone, energy waste is very serious.

Adjusting the rotation speed of the centrifugal fan can not only eliminate the loss caused by throttling, but also ensure that the fan always runs in the high-efficiency zone, so it can achieve a large energy saving. It can be said that operating the fan by adjusting the speed of the fan is an effective way to save energy, which also reflects a new trend in current industrial production.

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