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How to achieve anti-corrosion measures

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1. Surface treatment The surface treatment of anti-corrosion fans is very important. Manual derusting is used to remove the dirt and rust layer on the surface of steel.

Second, material selection Anti-corrosion paint special anti-corrosion paint on the surface of the fan, anti-corrosion paint can be divided into primer and top paint according to the protection function, each layer of paint has its own characteristics, each has its own responsibility, two layers combined to form a composite coating, improve Anti-corrosion performance and prolong service life.

1. Primer The coating used for the primer layer is epoxy iron red primer. Iron oxide red is a physical antirust pigment. It has stable properties, strong hiding power, fine particles, and can play a role in the paint film. Good shielding effect and good anti-rust performance.

2. Topcoat The coating used for the topcoat layer is epoxy paint. After chemical curing, epoxy paint has stable chemical properties, dense coating and strong adhesion.

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