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Electric fans | What are the common faults of fans?

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1.The electrode current is too high or the temperature rise is too high

(1) The gate of the intake passage or the throttle valve is not closed when driving

(2) The scalar exceeds the limit value

输送气体的细蜜太大或者有粘性物质 (3) The fine honey conveyed by the fan is too large or has sticky substances

(4) The input voltage of the motor is too low or the single-phase power supply is cut off.

(5) The coupling is incorrectly connected, the aprons are too tight or the air strikes are uneven.

(6) Affected by the fierce shaking of the bearing box.

2.The bearing box was shaken fiercely

(1) The fan shaft and the motor shaft are out of center, and the coupling is misaligned

(2) Friction between casing or air inlet and impeller

(3) The rigidity of the foundation is not solid

(4) Status of loose wheel rivets or impellers

(5) Loose shaft disc and shaft loose, or loose coupling nut

(6) Loose stalks of casing and rack, bearing box and rack, bearing box cover and seat are loose

(7) The fan inlet gas channel device is not good

(8) Unbalanced rotor, induced fan blade wear

3.The bearing temperature rise is too high

(1) Bearing box shakes fiercely

(2) The quality of moisturizing grease is not bright, smells bad, contains too much dust, sticky sand, and other impurities

(3) The tightening force of the bearing box cover and seat connection screw is too large or too small

(4) The shaft and roller bearing device are inclined, and the two bearings are different from each other

(5) Roller bearing damage

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