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Precautions for using UV light weather resistance test chamber

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The ultraviolet light weather resistance test chamber simulates the damage of the sun and moisture in nature to the raw materials, and reproduces the damage caused by the sun, precipitation, and dew. In the interactive circulation system of gas, experiments are carried out by raising the temperature together. For architectural coatings, printing inks, epoxy resins, plastics, packaging printing, adhesives, car and motorcycle industrial production, skin care, pharmaceuticals and other manufacturing industries, it has become the first of a series of products with a strong development trend of environmental testing equipment. Ultraviolet aging test chambers are widely used and easy to use, but some practical problems will inevitably occur. Regarding this problem, Shanghai Linpin explicitly raised the following common questions:

1. During the entire operation of the UV weathering test chamber, sufficient water resources must be maintained.

2. Try to avoid opening the tail door during the experiment.

3. The sensor technology equipment in the room during work must not be hit by super strong force.

4. Non-full-time practical operation staff shall not be casually operated.

5. Please contact the manufacturer when the UV light weather resistance test box fails to detect itself.

6. After long-term deactivation, if it needs to be applied again, the water resources, switching power supply and each component must be carefully and carefully restarted after clear and accurate.

7. Because the ultraviolet radiation source has obvious damage to the staff (very eyes, skin), the actual operation staff should try to avoid touching the ultraviolet light (the contact time should be <1min). It is suggested that the actual operating staff wear safety goggles and protective glands.

In order to make the ultraviolet light weather resistance test box work as quickly as possible and maintain a stable condition for a long time, maintenance is performed according to the following new items:

1. Under the non-working condition, the ultraviolet light weather resistance test box should be kept dry, drain off the water after operation, and wipe the personal studio and casing.

2. After application, cover the plastic cover to prevent smoke and dust from invading. If soot should be removed.

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