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What to do if the flow path of the plate heat exchanger is blocked

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The structure of the plate heat exchanger is that the heat exchange plates are tightly fixed between the movable compression plate and the fixed compression plate by clamping bolts. A large number of plates will be formed between the plates in such a mechanism. In the flow channel, there are sealing gaskets between two adjacent heat exchange plates. Today, the plate heat exchanger * Shandong Kanglu Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce to you what to do if the flow path of the plate heat exchanger is blocked?

First of all, we must first clear the clogging of the plate heater. Is the foreign matter entering the plate heat exchanger causing the blockage or the plate heat exchanger has not been cleaned for a long time and caused the scale to cause the blockage? .

In general, the possibility of foreign body clogging is relatively small, because most of the media will pass through the circulation pump and filter before entering the plate change, so this greatly reduces the possibility of foreign body clogging. If there is a foreign body blockage, the problem is very serious, because you don't know where the blocked flow path is, and intelligently remove all the plates for inspection, so it is very troublesome to solve. Therefore, we highly recommend that you add a filter valve to the heat exchange unit.

Furthermore, scale is blocked. This possibility is relatively large, especially for plate heat exchangers that have not been cleaned for a long time. Scale will gradually accumulate and become larger. The flow of the heat exchanger will become smaller and smaller, and the heat exchange effect will become worse and worse, which directly affects the heat exchange requirements. If the scale is blocked, you can use the direct cleaning method to solve it. It is better to add some soft scale agent to the water.

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