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Misunderstanding of water dispenser and water purifier

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Many people like to drink healthy water and promote a healthy and green life, but can you distinguish between water dispensers and domestic water purifiers? Are their functions the same? In fact, this problem has plagued many consumers, and may even mislead consumers to buy them incorrectly. The products you need, or you can't get started when you buy them. So, what is the difference between a water purifier and a water dispenser?

First, the difference between water purifier and water dispenser functions

The water dispenser is a small device used to help drink water. Its purpose is to facilitate drinking water. The water dispenser is a device that warms or cools barreled pure water (or mineral water) and is convenient for people to drink. The water purifier is a small-scale purification equipment used to filter tap water. The focus is on purifying the quality of tap water to achieve the effect of direct drinking.

Second, the difference between power consumption of water dispensers and water purifiers

The water dispenser consumes a lot of electricity and is a veritable power consumer. Without powering off the water dispenser with a power of 0.5 kW, it consumes 1.8 degrees per litre of water and wastes more than 90%. The water purifier basically does not consume electricity. Although the water purifier and the central machine in the water purifier are powered, they are basically micro-electrically controlled, which is far more economical than a water dispenser.

Third, the practical difference between water purifiers and water dispensers

A. The water dispenser will produce "thousands of boiling water" for a long time: After drinking water is repeatedly heated in the hot water tank, it will form "thousands of boiling water". This water contains heavy metals, arsenic and other harmful substances, and long-term drinking will endanger gastrointestinal health.

B. Scale becomes "additive": If the liner of the traditional water dispenser is not cleaned for more than 3 months, it will breed a large number of bacteria, residues and even red insects, which will adhere to the inner wall of the hot bile and become a toxic "additive". When these substances enter the body, they can cause digestive, nervous, urinary, and hematopoietic disorders.

C. Hot bile manufacturing "nitrate": Hot bile is mostly made of stainless steel and aluminum shell. Tests show that under long-term heating, the nitrite content of iron, aluminum and ammonium in water will increase significantly, while nitrite Is a well-known carcinogen.

The water purifier is ready-to-drink, which does not cause the above problems, and can remove heavy metals, scale and chlorine, and avoid the generation of nitrite.

Fourth, the purchase cost difference between water purifiers and water dispensers

The general cost of a drinking fountain is just one machine, and the cost of buying a bucket of water is about a few hundred yuan.

The cost of general household water purifiers is mainly the machine and filter and tap water. The main body of the water purifier does not need to be replaced. The filter generally needs to be replaced according to the actual water situation and water quality. The cost of tap water is relatively low. In short, their The cost difference is that the water dispenser needs to be replaced with barrel water at any time, and the water purifier needs to be replaced with the filter element and tap water.

* After that, the water dispenser is a transitional product, and the water purifier product will eventually replace the water dispenser.

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