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Problems and solutions in the coating process of coating rods

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1. The coating film is uneven. Please check whether the surface of the coating substrate is rough or uneven, and exclude the uneven force caused by the two sides due to manual operation. If possible, use a stamping bed or even a vacuum plate for proofing. . * The latter problem may be the linearity of the wire rod. Whether the coating film is uneven due to bending, usually similar problems do not occur around the wire rod, because once the wire is bent, the tightness of the wire will immediately appear. The OSP molding rods are specially developed transparent tubes from the factory to the packaging and long-distance transportation. They have moderate hardness and are different from other inferior packaging materials. There have been no problems with other brands in straightness.

2. Make scratches on the film. Make sure that the coated ink or coating is fully stirred before making the film. First, eliminate the cause of scratches caused by sample impurities or excessive particles. Then observe whether the scratches are few or evenly distributed. If a few of the grooves may be partially blocked by dust, especially as "deep and then shallow", if they still appear after careful cleaning, use a magnifying glass to observe with naked eyes whether the wire / grooves are mutated due to bumps; such as scratches Evenly distributed, please judge whether the leveling problem is caused by high consistency. In general, the wire rod produced by OSP is wound with precise steel wires. The round cross section of the wire is the most important part of the process. The probability of this may be very small. The groove of the forming rod is an extrusion process. The flatness and consistency of the groove flow channel is the most important part of the process. We are also confident that it is not brought about by this. This may appear on some low-end or rough-processed wire rods, but on OSP products, we consider it appropriate. The problem is the best competitive advantage that distinguishes it from other coated bars.

3. The shape of the scraped film is weird. This situation is most likely caused by the uneven application of the scraped sample at the beginning of the wire rod and the non-linear scraping of the coating film by the human hand. Please scrape the sample again. .

4. The difference between wire-wound rods and molding rods Theoretically, there is no difference between wire-wound rods and molding rods. However, because the grooves formed by the two have different shapes, the amount of sample coating required for coating is different. Wire wound rods better follow the Mayer-Bar principle, and shaped rods are easier to clean. In the case of requirements on the amount of coating, we do not recommend mutual replacement, on the contrary, it can be replaced. Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of wire rods and forming rods,

5. Which diameter OSP wire rod should I choose? OSP provides OSP coating rods with four different specifications according to the diameter of the main rod, which are 10mm, 12.7mm, 13.65mm, and 16mm. The role of different diameters is to make it more convenient to apply to automatic coating machines that require wire rod diameter. . The effect of manual scraping is the same.

6. Which OSP wire rod should I choose? Please first calculate the wet film thickness according to the original wet film thickness calculator of Xixiti Machinery, and then select the wire rod model corresponding to the wet film thickness according to the OSP model matching table. This calculator is for reference only. Actually it will be affected by many factors such as product elongation, viscosity, film bar type, substrate, etc., and it will be different. If you cannot know the coating amount, density and solid content per square meter of a specific sample, you can make a rough estimate by using the Cixi mechanical dry and wet film converter. It is generally believed that the relationship between the dry film and the wet film of most coatings is as follows: dry film = wet film coating solids%

Due to the complicated drying and film formation process, this tool is more suitable for volatile paints or two-component paints with higher solids content, and poor accuracy for volatile paints and inorganic zinc-rich paints with lower solids content. The actual application should be based on the test results. The calculation results of this tool are for reference only.

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