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Operating specifications and maintenance of drop test machine

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The actual operating standard of the drop test machine and its maintenance

Drop test machine

1. Drop tester wiring: connect any supplied power plug to a three-phase power supply and grounding device, connect the control cabinet and the tester with any required electrode connection cable according to the compatibility status of the power plug, and test run up / Reduce instruction. (If during the trial operation, press the up button but work down or press the down button but work up, you need to replace the phase number at the switching power supply;

2. Falling aspect ratio adjustment: Turn on the power of the chassis, and set the experiment to require the aspect ratio (the method is given). Press the raise key to exceed the set aspect ratio; if it is terminated halfway, it must exceed the set aspect ratio Only then can the reverse run command be implemented;

3. Place the object to be tested on the table of the drop tester, and then use a fixed rod to fix it in various ways;

4.Press the raise key to increase the measured object block to the set aspect ratio;

5. Press the drop button to instantly get rid of the object table of the device, and the object block will do a free fall fitness exercise;

6.Press the reset button to restore the working attitude of the console;

7, if repeated experiments, repeat the process;

8. After the experiment is completed: press the down button to make the drop tester worktable run to a very low power-off button.

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