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What's wrong with the design concept of pneumatic conveying system (1)

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Miscalculation of working pressure: It is relatively difficult to accurately measure the pressure drop of the complete pneumatic conveying system. Because there are many independent variables in a complete set of powder conveying, it mainly includes: the specifications of the pipeline, the reasonable layout of the route, and the commodity. The relative density, particle size distribution of powder raw materials. However, the problem of working pressure is particularly important in the complete set of powder transportation. All the mistakes that will be caused are the overall problems of the pneumatic conveying system, which reflects the technical working level of the manufacturer.

Low picking rate: When there is a pressure gradient on the pneumatic conveying system, the gas velocity on one side is very different from the other. If the pressure drop according to the system software is not considered, the picking rate is not easy to be high enough to make the product. Dust collection, otherwise it is very easy to cause the picker to be blocked.

Underestimate the total flow: The design concept of the average total flow of the pneumatic conveying system is very likely to be incorrect. Since the output rate will be very different at most times, suppose you expect the system software to operate at the bottom total flow. When the pneumatic conveying system was implemented at the big end, the mean total flow rate designed and conceived at that time would not achieve the desired actual effect, and even the pipeline would be blocked. Therefore, in the design concept of the mean total flow, the independent variable of the trough volume must be worked out, and the delivery volume of the pneumatic conveying system can be adjusted, which can more easily consider the requirements.

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