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Plate type scraper unloading automatic centrifuge

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  • Product name: Automatic scraper with flat blade scraper
  • Number of products: 010120136
  • Product Trademark: Hengrui
  • Specifications: LGZ1600
  • Reference price: 240000
  • Updated: 2019/12/29 11:35:33
  • Click times: 13649 times

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main feature:
1. Flat plate structure and liquid damping technology: flat plate structure, low center of gravity, stable operation and convenient operation; centrifuge
Excellent vibration isolation and damping performance; no foundation installation form, easy to install and repair the machine.
2. Independent swash plate distribution device: The feeding uniformity and operability are good, and it is connected with the electric control system to realize automatic control.
3. Gas recoil and gas-assisted scraper device: reduce the residual filter cake to a minimum so that the filter cloth can be regenerated.
4. Nitrogen protection system: used in explosion-proof occasions.
5. Large flip cover structure and on-line cleaning device: easy maintenance and filter cloth installation; on-line cleaning of the inner cavity of the centrifuge during preparation and operation can effectively eliminate contamination between batches and comply with GMP specifications.
6.Humanized design: no basic structure, wide operating platform, portable clamshell device, automatic online cleaning device, explosion-proof light, viewing mirror and mirror surface cleaning device, various warnings and warning signs, etc., making use and maintenance easier and more convenient .
7. Safety protection devices: over-vibration protection, over-current protection, temperature control protection, material layer control, scraper stroke protection, cover protection and other mechanical and electrical interlocking protection devices to ensure the safe use of the machine.
8. Automatic human-machine interface control: PLC, touch screen, inverter, energy-consuming brake, pneumatic or hydraulic action system, the machine design the corresponding work program according to the process requirements, and automatically run according to the set program, user-friendly operation The interface can be used for man-machine dialogue; remote control can be realized to realize unmanned operation on site, and the requirements of modern large-scale production for equipment are met; the designed equipment fault self-diagnosis system is convenient and quick to solve faults during operation.

Gold Member 8th Year
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