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Harbin low temperature refrigerator

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  • Product Name: Harbin Low Temperature Refrigerator
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The main characteristics of industrial freezer
1. High quality exported from Europe and the United States, newly designed compressors and well-known Italian pumps, which are particularly quiet and energy-saving.
2. Exquisite electronic temperature controller of the equipment, the accuracy is 1 ℃, and the control range is within + 3 ℃ to + 50 ℃.
3. Control of control line chain.
4. Equipped with phase sequence protection, power short circuit protection, current overload protection, high and low voltage control, icing protection, water flow system, electronic time delay and other safety devices.
5. When the machine automatically detects an abnormality, the status indicator displays an abnormal condition and alarms.
Safety device of industrial refrigerator
1. The main power safety switch is designed to be able to cut off the power in an emergency.
2. Control of interlocking control lines.
3. Equipped with phase sequence protection, power short circuit protection, current overload protection, high and low voltage control, icing protection, water flow system, electronic time delay and other safety devices.
4. When the machine automatically detects an abnormality, the status indicator lights up and displays an alarm.
Wide application of industrial freezer
1. The chemical industry is mainly used for the cooling and cooling of chemical reaction kettles (chemical heat exchangers), and takes away the ordinary heat generated by chemical reactions in time to reach the purpose of cooling (cooling), in order to improve product quality.
2. Can plastic products, plastic containers, food packaging films, medical packaging films and other manufacturing industries plastic products (television, computers, washing machines, mobile phones, refrigerators, air conditioners, plastic toys, automotive plastic accessories, etc.) Effective cooling (cooling) will directly affect the appearance brightness and appearance qualification rate of the product, thereby affecting consumption efficiency, consumption costs and corporate profits. The consumption of plastic containers (blow bottles) and packaging films is even more inseparable from the freezer (ice water machine). In the process of consumption of plastic containers, if the containers cannot be cooled and shaped in time, the consumed containers will not be full, the wall thickness will be uneven, the color will not be bright, and even the product will not be formed, resulting in lower product quality. In the consumption of packaging film, if there is no cooling molding with cold water (wind), qualified products cannot be consumed. For example, the application of cold water (wind) provided by a freezer (ice water machine) for cooling can not only greatly improve product quality, but also improve consumption efficiency.
3. In the cooling and electroplating consumption of electroplating solution, hydraulic oil and machine tool cutting tool coolant, the electroplating solution generates heat indefinitely during the electroplating reaction, thereby gradually reducing the temperature of the electroplating solution. When the temperature of the electroplating solution exceeds the requirements of the process, the consumption The stability, uniformity, flatness, and brightness of the outer surface of the electroplated products have a great impact. However, when the freezing provided by a freezer (ice water machine) is used in the consumption process of the electronic component, the component must be maintained or cooled at a specific temperature, so that the performance parameters of the electronic component can be controlled in the designed state. Water to cool and maintain the constant temperature of the plating solution will greatly improve the plating consumption process and consumption efficiency. The cooling of the cutting tool coolant of the machine tool and the control of the cutting edge temperature will directly affect the application life and product quality of the tool.
4. Pharmaceutical industry The pharmaceutical industry is mainly used to control the temperature and humidity in the workshop and to take out the reaction heat during the process of consuming the drug substance.
5. The electronics industry needs to keep or cool the components at a certain temperature during the consumption of the electronic components, so that the performance parameters of the electronic components can be controlled in the designed state.
Industrial refrigerators are widely used and cannot be listed one by one. They are also used in the production of bread and cakes. University laboratories also have many refrigerators for testing and experiments. The air conditioning industry is even more essential.

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