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Pigment special line drying

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  • Product name: Pigment special line drying
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Main characteristics of pigment special line drying
Suitable operating conditions can be set, and operating conditions such as temperature and air volume can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the corresponding drying status of the ventilation mode.
Free adjustment of moisture after processing. Since the material flow and residence time in the drying device can be freely adjusted, the water content of the processed product can be arbitrarily set.
Rarely breaks shape and disperses dust. The material moves in a static state in the drying device, which can hardly damage the shape of the product and no dust is scattered.
Various conveyor belts can be used. Depending on the dry material, the conveyor belt can be used in addition to various metal screens, as well as vibration plates.
The conveyor can be cleaned, and the heating chamber is separated from the drying chamber, which makes it easier to clean the conveyor belt.
According to requirements, a cleaning device can be installed on the equipment bottom plate to scrape a small amount of material dropped on the bottom plate to the discharge end.
According to different output and material moisture, multiple devices can be used in series to increase output.
Working principle of pigment special line drying
The material to be dried is uniformly distributed on the mesh belt through a special cloth mechanism. When drying, hot air is forcedly input from above and below the mesh belt and the material, so that the surface of each particle being dried becomes a heating surface, which increases the material and The contact area of the hot air significantly increases the heat transfer area and allows the moisture inside the material to diffuse. Therefore, the drying effect is very good, especially for the drying of the material to be dried after an appropriate preliminary forming is added. This series of dryers has the advantages of high stability and high energy saving.
Pigment special line drying application
Suitable for drying pre-formed pastes and pastes such as pigments and dyes. Suitable for high-molecular polymers, iron oxides, ferrites, fluorspars, pharmaceuticals, seasonings, agar, and other chemical industries. And all kinds of granular, flake, fibrous, cake-like materials.

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