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Wison Engineering wins first overseas EPC contract for natural gas to methanol

Release time: 2020/1/16 12:49:54 Click times: 4502
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Recently, Wison Engineering and Saudi National Methanol Company (IBN SINA) signed a general contract for the IBN SINA ATR and methanol converter projects in the Jubail Industrial Zone, Saudi Arabia. Wison Engineering, with its outstanding technical advantages, rich local project experience and good reputation, stands out from many powerful competitors and successfully wins the project.

This is the first time that Wison Engineering has obtained the FEED + EPC project for producing methanol from natural gas overseas. This cooperation reflects the owner's high recognition of Wison's engineering design and general contracting ability, and fully affirms its comprehensive strength, outstanding performance and good reputation.

National Methanol Company (IBN SINA) is a joint venture invested by Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and CTE (co-owned by Celanese and Duke Energy subsidiaries). The plant was completed and put into operation in 1984 and mainly produces methanol and methyl tert-butyl ether. Wison Engineering will install a new automatic thermal reformer and methanol converter for the project, reducing the plant's energy intensity to meet the new requirements set by the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC).

Since its establishment in 1997, Wison Engineering has completed more than 200 large and medium-sized engineering projects at home and abroad, spanning many fields such as petrochemical, coal chemical, oil refining, natural gas, public works, and fine chemicals. EPC service and technology provider; At the same time, Wison Engineering has established good cooperative relationships with many international engineering companies to jointly complete a number of large-scale projects. The global business layout has covered Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, Africa, Europe and other places. It has also established branches in 17 countries and regions around the world.

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