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2014 (13th) China International Chemical Industry Exhibition

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2014 (第十三届)中国国际化工展览会定于 2014 9 11-13 日在天津滨海国际会展中心举办。 In order to promote and promote the exchange and cooperation between domestic and foreign counterparts in petroleum and chemical companies, the Tianjin (13th) China International Chemical Industry Exhibition was invited to Tianjin Binhai International Convention and Exhibition on September 11-13 , 2014 by the invitation of Tianjin Municipal Government Held by the center. 1992 年首次举办以来, 22 年来成功地举办了十二届,现已成为国内外石油和化工界广泛认可、踊跃参与、享有盛誉、具有权威的行业品牌展会。 "China International Chemical Industry Exhibition" has been successfully held for twelve sessions in 22 years since it was first held in 1992. It has become an industry brand exhibition that has been widely recognized, actively participated, enjoyed high reputation, and authoritative in domestic and foreign petroleum and chemical industries. 2012 年起,展会在天津、上海两地轮流举办,培育北方市场同时兼顾南方市场,在天津将与“中国国际石油和化工大会”和“达沃斯夏季论坛”同期举办。 Since 2012 , the exhibitions have been held alternately in Tianjin and Shanghai, cultivating the northern market while taking into account the southern market. It will be held concurrently with the "China International Petroleum and Chemical Conference" and the "Davos Summer Forum" in Tianjin.

Tianjin is the largest open coastal city in the north of China, the economic center of the Bohai Rim region, the largest port in the north, and an important petrochemical production base. The chemical industry, focusing on petrochemicals, marine chemicals and fine chemicals, is one of the four pillar industries in Tianjin. "Twelfth Five-Year" national industrial layout, Tianjin will be built into the * petroleum and chemical industry base, driving the development of the petrochemical industry in the Bohai Rim region.

I. Exhibition Name, Time and Place

(第十三届)中国国际化工展览会( ICIF China 2014 2014 (13th) China International Chemical Industry Exhibition ( ICIF China 2014 )

2014 9 11-13 Time: September 11-13 , 2014   Venue: Tianjin Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center

Exhibition Scale

20000 平方米,场地确定为天津滨海国际会展中心一、二、三、四、五、六、七、八号馆。 The total exhibition area of this exhibition is 20,000 square meters, and the venue is determined to be Tianjin Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center Halls 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 7, 7 and 8.

Exhibition Content

:甲醇衍生物、乙烯、丙烯、苯系列衍生物等有机合成化学品;钡盐、镁盐、钾盐、硼化合物及硼酸盐、溴化合物、铬盐、氰化物、氟化合物、磷化合物及磷酸盐、硅化合物及硅酸盐等无机酸碱盐;活性炭、电石、炭黑、钛白粉等; Basic organic and inorganic chemicals : organic synthetic chemicals such as methanol derivatives, ethylene, propylene, and benzene series derivatives; barium, magnesium, potassium, boron and borate, bromine, chromium, cyanide, fluorine Compounds, phosphorus compounds and inorganic acid and alkali salts such as phosphates, silicon compounds and silicates; activated carbon, calcium carbide, carbon black, titanium dioxide, etc .;

:医药原料及中间体、天然植物提取物、精细有机化工原料及中间体、荧光增白剂、催化剂、表面活性剂、电子化学品、水处理化学品、离子交换树脂、香精香料、外购 / 定制合成 / 委托加工化学品、助剂、饲料和食品添加剂、生物化学品、油田化学品、皮革化学品、日用化学品及清洁剂、添加剂(塑料添加剂、特种添加剂) ; Fine and special chemicals : pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, natural plant extracts, fine organic chemical raw materials and intermediates, fluorescent whitening agents, catalysts, surfactants, electronic chemicals, water treatment chemicals, ion exchange resins, flavors Flavors, outsourced / custom-synthesized / commissioned processing chemicals, auxiliaries, feed and food additives, biochemicals, oilfield chemicals, leather chemicals, daily chemicals and detergents, additives (plastic additives, special additives) ;

:环氧树脂、聚氨酯等高分子材料及原料、氟材料、硅材料及原料、纳米材料、汽车、电子、航空航天用化工材料及原料;民用及特种胶粘剂及原料 ; Chemical synthetic materials and raw materials : epoxy resin, polyurethane and other polymer materials and raw materials, fluorine materials, silicon materials and raw materials, nano materials, automotive, electronics, aerospace chemical materials and raw materials; civilian and special adhesives and raw materials ;

:农药、植保剂,各种杀虫剂、除草剂、杀菌剂原料及中间体等。 Agricultural chemicals : pesticides, plant protection agents, various pesticides, herbicides, fungicide raw materials and intermediates.

:染料、颜料及各种染料中间体; Dyes and pigments : dyes, pigments and various dye intermediates;

:化工高新产品、技术、新成果、化工科研院所、高等院校、信息技术在化工领域的应用; Chemical Technology : Application of high-tech chemical products, technologies, new achievements, chemical research institutes, universities, and information technology in the chemical industry;

:工业气体制备设备,泵、阀、管件,流体传动设备,搪瓷设备,干燥、分离设备,槽车、容器,控制、分析及检测仪器、实验室仪器,环境保护技术设备,安全生产技术设备,非金属设备、制药设备,粉体机械、密封设备及配件;化工成套装置和设备等。 Chemical equipment and automation : industrial gas preparation equipment, pumps, valves, pipe fittings, fluid transmission equipment, enamel equipment, drying and separation equipment, tank cars, containers, control, analysis and testing instruments, laboratory instruments, environmental protection technology equipment, safety Production technology equipment, non-metal equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, powder machinery, sealing equipment and accessories; chemical plants and equipment.

Fourth, the cost of participation

国际展区: 1. International exhibition area:

16,800 /9m 2 Standard booth RMB 16,800 / 9m 2 ;

   :1,580 /m 2 (光地*小起租面积 36m 2 Bare land : 1,580 yuan / m 2 (bare land * small rent area 36m 2 )

国内展区: 2. Domestic exhibition area:

   区: 10,800 /9m 2 B 区: 9,800 /9m 2 C 区: 8,800 /9m 2 Area A : 10,800 yuan / 9m 2 ; Area B : 9,800 yuan / 9m 2 ; Area C : 8,800 yuan / 9m 2 ;

   1,080 /m 2 (光地*小起租面积 36m 2 Domestic bare land: 1,080 yuan / m 2 (bare land * small rent area 36m 2 )

V. Meetings and exchanges

2014 天津夏季达沃斯论坛”举办,该论坛将云集数千位国内外*、高层主管、商界精英,这将为展会带来高端观众群体及相当数量的高质量海外买家。 During the exhibition, the “ 2014 Tianjin Summer Davos Forum” will be held. This forum will gather thousands of domestic and foreign *, senior executives and business elites, which will bring high-end audiences and a considerable number of high-quality overseas buyers to the exhibition . CEO 、近千名行业*、企业决策者,前来展会参观、洽谈。 "China International Petroleum and Chemical Conference" will also be held concurrently with the exhibition. It will bring together nearly one hundred international petroleum and chemical CEOs , nearly a thousand industries *, and corporate decision makers to come to the exhibition to visit and negotiate.

10 多场次的技术交流、贸易洽谈、信息发布等一系列活动。 During the exhibition, more than 10 technical exchanges, trade negotiations, and information releases are planned to be held . Well-known domestic and foreign lecturers are invited to attract more professional users to attend the lectures and visits while improving the exhibition specifications. All exhibitors are welcome to hold new product and technology promotion conferences at the same time. At the same time, the organizing committee of the conference plans to organize nearly ten overseas chemical raw material and product procurement groups to hold on-site procurement negotiations (the United States, Europe, Russia, Japan, South Korea, India, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.) to provide in-depth exhibitors Attentive service.

Six, exhibition publicity

A large number of reports are planned in the four major newspapers of China Chemical Industry News, Information Morning Post, China Petroleum News, and Sinopec Newspaper Industry; China Chemical Information Network, China Chemical Network, China Wanwei Chemical Network, China Chemical Machinery Network, China International Chemical Industry Exhibition Network, etc. Reports on more than a dozen websites at any time; "China Chemical Information", "Modern Chemicals", "Fine Chemicals", "Fine and Specialty Chemicals", "China Petroleum and Chemical Industry", "Petrochemical Industry", "China Chemical Industry Report", Dozens of professional journals such as "International Chemical Industry" reported throughout the year; a press conference is planned to invite the central and local newspapers and media to widely publicize the reports.

Audience organization

1 . 22 年发展的历史,规模大、档次高,得到国内外石油和化工界广泛认可,具有强大的品牌号召力和多年积累的海内外观众群体。 The brand advantage attracts domestic and overseas audiences: The exhibition has a history of 22 years of development, is large in scale and high in grade, and has been widely recognized by the petroleum and chemical industry at home and abroad. It has a strong brand appeal and years of accumulated domestic and overseas audiences.

2 . The industry advantage attracts professional visitors: China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association organizes exhibitions, represents domestic authoritative organizations, and represents the industry's development direction; backbone members actively participate and have strong cohesion, representing the industry exhibition specifications and the new development level.

3 New highlights of regional advantages: Tianjin is an open coastal city in the north of China and an economic center in the Bohai Rim region, with rapid economic development. The Tianjin Summer Davos Forum and China International Petroleum and Chemical Conference will bring high-end audiences and a considerable number of high-quality overseas buyers to the exhibition, and will attract more downstream buyers and users, as well as overseas purchasing centers and trading companies to visit the exhibition.

4 . / 电邮赠票:向相关的石油、生物 / 化学、制药工业、食品工业、饲料 / 染料 / 涂料工业、科研机构、高等院校、实验室及研究室、制造加工业等管理决策人士、科技人士、代理经销商、高级采购商等发出 15 万份参观券。 Direct mail / e-mail coupons: to relevant decision-makers in the petroleum, biological / chemical, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, feed / dye / coating industry, scientific research institutions, universities, laboratories and research laboratories, manufacturing and processing industries, Technologists, agent dealers, senior buyers, etc. issued 150,000 visit tickets. 20 万次电子邮件邀请。 Beautifully designed electronic invitation cards, using the huge database owned by the host agency, are responsible for sending out nearly 200,000 email invitations at home and abroad on a regular basis .

组团 / 定向邀请:向相关政府机构、各国大使馆、行业协会商会及技术学会赠送特别邀请函,邀请其组织专业用户团体到会参观洽谈,提升观众质量。 5. Group invitation / direct invitation: Give special invitation letters to relevant government agencies, embassies of various countries, industry associations, chambers of commerce, and technical societies, and invite them to organize professional user groups to visit the conference to improve the quality of the audience. Many exhibitors invite their own customer groups to visit, inspect, and negotiate orders. Through on-site explanations and demonstrations, customers can have a deep understanding and trust of exhibitors' strength and product performance, laying a solid foundation for cooperation between the two parties.

Registration method

请仔细阅读参展资料,确定参展,填好报名表(回执)加盖公章后传真至全国化工国际展览交流中心,同时将参展费用汇入指定帐号。 1. Please read the exhibition information carefully, confirm the participation, fill in the application form (receipt) and stamp it with the official seal and fax it to the National Chemical International Exhibition Exchange Center, and remit the participation fee to the designated account.  

2 . The exhibition is divided into professional exhibition areas, and the corresponding professional exhibition halls (areas) are arranged according to the categories of exhibiting companies.

3 After the exhibitors have remitted the fees, please fax the bank transfer slip to our center for verification.

4 . Please fill in the exhibitor's information online and send it to our center for publication in the conference proceedings and online preview before the exhibition.

Nine, remittance account

Household   Name: China Chemical Information Center

Bank: Bank of China Beijing Anding Road Sub-branch

account   345458471376 Number: 345458471376   

X. Contact Information

Contact: Fu Shasha  

/ 传真: 010-6445 5827 Phone / Fax: 010-6445 5827      QQ: 2216088918@qq.com

5 Address: No. 5 Sakura East Street, North Exit of Heping Street, Beijing    100029 Postcode: 100029

http://www.icif.cn Website : http://www.icif.cn     fu@expo.cncic.gov.cn E-mail: fu@expo.cncic.gov.cn

February 13, 2014

参展合同 Booth Application Form / Exhibition Contract

(第十三届)中国国际化工展览会 2014 (13th) China International Chemical Industry Exhibition   Tianjin Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center   11-13 September 11-13

Company Name (Chinese)


Ground     Address (Chinese)                                                       mail     Make up


Link system people             Job     Service                 hand     ( 必填 ) Machine ( required )           

Electricity     words                                     pass     true                                    

e-mail                                     network     site


  : Booth cost :                                                 

1 )国际展区:标准展位 16,800 /9 m 2 ,光地 1,580 / m 2 (光地*小起租面积 36 ㎡) ( 1 ) International exhibition area: RMB 16,800 / 9 m 2 for standard booths, RMB 1,580 / m 2 for bare spaces (bare spaces * small rent area 36 ㎡)

2 )国内展区: ( 2 ) Domestic exhibition area:

10,800 /9m 2 B 区: 9,800 /9 m 2 C 区: 8800 /9 m 2 Area A : 10,800 yuan / 9m 2 ; Area B : 9,800 yuan / 9 m 2 ; Area C : 8800 yuan / 9 m 2 ;

1080 / m 2 (光地*小起租面积 36 ㎡) Domestic bare land: 1080 yuan / m 2 (bare land * small starting area 36 ㎡)

  Our company applies for the following booths

1 )标准展位 ( 1 ) Standard booth

Standard Booth: Area        ,展位号: m 2 , booth number:                Total cost:           yuan

2 )光地(*小面积 36 m 2 ( 2 ) bare ground (* small area 36 m 2 )

Light   ground   product        ,展位号: m 2 , booth number:                Total cost:           yuan


  Please sign and stamp this "Booth Application Form" with the official seal and fax it to the National Chemical International Exhibition Exchange Center

Electricity   010-6445 5827 Word: 010-6445 5827                   pass     010-6445 5827 True: 010-6445 5827                   

Contact: Fu Shasha                             fu@expo.cncic.gov.cn Email: fu@expo.cncic.gov.cn


  10 日内汇至如下账户 Payment terms: Please remit the full booth fee to the following account within 10 days of registration

Household     Name: China Chemical Information Center

open Household Bank: Bank of China Beijing Anding Road Sub-branch

account     345458471376 Number: 345458471376   

   10 日内付清全部参展费用;如企业单方面提出取消参展或不能按期支付参展费用,应承担全部相应责任,已付款项不予退还。 Important note: This registration form is regarded as a contract. Exhibitors should pay the full participation fee within 10 days after registration . If the company unilaterally cancels the exhibition or fails to pay the exhibition fee on time, it should bear all corresponding responsibilities, and the paid amount will not be refunded. . Exhibitors should ensure that the basic information of the displayed products is true, legal, and complete, and that the exhibits do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others; if legal disputes are caused by the exhibits themselves during the exhibition, the exhibitors shall bear the responsibility.

Signed and stamped by the leaders of the exhibitors


Name:                                       Position:


date:          year     month     day

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