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European Water, Wastewater, Solid Waste and Recycling Exhibition IFAT Eurasia March 2021

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Name of fair: European Water, Wastewater, Solid Waste and Recycling Exhibition IFAT Eurasia March 2021
Exhibition category: International Exhibition
Exhibition location: Istanbul, Turkey
organizer: Messe Mnchen
Exhibition company: CSCEC International Convention and Exhibition
Exhibition Date: 2021/3/28 to 2021/3/30
Web address: http://www.showeyes.cn
Contact: Yang Yahong
contact details: 17319266621

European Water, Wastewater, Solid Waste and Recycling Exhibition IFAT Eurasia March 2021

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Member unit of Dongguan Mechanical Mold Association; member unit of Guangzhou Sheet Metal Association


Exhibition time: March 28-30, 2021

Venue: Istanbul, Turkey

Exhibition cycle: every two years

Organizer: Messe Mnchen


Exhibits range :

Water and wastewater treatment equipment : pumps, valves, pipes, seals; membrane technology and equipment; separation systems, filters; ultraviolet and ozone products and technologies; fillers, chemical agents; pure water machines, water softeners, water technology and Equipment; manufacturing technology and products of purified water, distilled water, mineral water, etc .; water purification technology and equipment; sewer inspection, cleaning, leak repair, operating equipment; process water and rainwater discharge; water and sewage treatment equipment; seawater, brackish water Desalination technology and equipment; water treatment agents and water cleaners; disaster relief, mobile flood relief, flood prevention equipment; water disinfection and sterilization technology and equipment; water treatment automation and intelligent control technology; various types of water extraction, drilling and well testing equipment.

Environmental protection technology and equipment: environmental protection and energy saving technology, products; air pollution prevention technology; natural gas generation and reprocessing equipment, environmental monitoring instruments and supporting equipment; municipal garbage and industrial hazardous waste treatment technology and equipment; garbage-energy conversion technology and equipment; sludge And residue treatment equipment; pollutant monitoring and disposal; green pollution-free products and other environmental protection technologies and products; natural ecological protection technologies, etc.

Waste / garbage treatment technology and equipment: garbage collection and transfer: solid waste collection, trailers, garbage mashers, garbage containers, power transmission, garbage dumping devices, garbage truck maintenance and cleaning equipment, cranes, lift trucks, on-board computers , Packaging machines, safety equipment, oil-proof tarpaulins, garbage transfer vehicles, garbage transfer devices, trucks;

Landfill: Landfill machine, masher, daily garbage selection, waste leachate control and treatment, garbage reuse system, biogas recovery system, odor control, grader, fixed meter, automatic unloading truck;

Waste recycling and disposal: waste recycling equipment, waste energy utilization, waste to reuse energy processing equipment, toxic waste treatment, odor control, waste balers, mixed fertilizers, transportation, recycling containers, shredders, waste classification systems , Garbage disposal technology, garbage transportation equipment, transportation equipment spare parts;

Renewable energy: rubber regeneration and tire retreading, plastic regeneration, paper regeneration, metal regeneration, renewable energy technologies and equipment; waste materials recycling technology and equipment, solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy and other renewable energy.

Special fields: noise reduction and vibration reduction; flue gas purification and air extraction; measurement, control and test technology; old industrial area purification; landfill technology; waste energy reuse; coastal protection and flood prevention; education and scientific research


Exhibition introduction:

The 3rd IFAT Eurasia Expo will be held at the Istanbul Expo Center (IFM) from March 28th to 30th, 2019. This exhibition will once again showcase a range of products and solutions designed to address the growing environmental issues facing the world today. * Support plan with interactive group discussions and seminars and program elements specifically targeted to young professionals to provide the ideal opportunity for insight * New ideas and technologies, participation to stimulate discussions and networking with existing industries * and ambitious young talent !

Last data:   11326 exhibitors, 412 visitors

Introduction of Zhongzhan Ocean Company:

China Exhibition Ocean Business Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in international exhibition services. Our company is a comprehensive service company from exhibition consultation, booth reservation, visa application, construction services to * final exhibition, our company upholds Set up responsible exhibitions and be a responsible company. We provide companies with professional, meticulous, thoughtful, and worry-free international exhibition services, and quantify and standardize all services to ensure the quality of service for enterprises.

Our company has cooperated with China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, various industry associations, and industry chambers of commerce for many exhibition projects for a long time. It is a reliable exhibition organization company in mainland China. At the same time, it has reached stable cooperation with many international exhibition organizers. The first-level agent and * agent of many well-known exhibitions. In 2017, our company had more than 10 domestic large-scale exhibition groups, and its footprint traveled throughout Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. The export value of the exhibition exceeded US $ 1 billion. Welding, medical electronics, and industrial automation have provided professional guidance and services for hundreds of Chinese companies to go global. At the same time, we are also working hard in other areas to strive to provide Chinese companies with more competitive booths and more professional service experiences. To consolidate the strategic cooperative relationship with all parties with a view to reaching more stable cooperation.

CSCEC is grateful for the support and trust of exhibitors from all industries in all parts of the world. Let us be the best in the industry. We will give back the expectations of new and old customers with the grace of dripping water and expressing each other's attention. Work, let us become a more satisfied exhibition star for enterprises.

Why choose China Ocean Shipping

1. As the official designated first-level agent of the exhibition, we can provide you with high-quality and reliable booths

2. Extensive experience in outreach operations, clear division of booths, visas, and itineraries, providing you with more professional services

3. Worry-free solution for registration of admission certificate, invitation letter and conference directory information

4. ZSCCO has a professional customer service team that provides one-on-one professional visa services and guidance, and strives to save time and efficiently help you solve visa problems in various countries

5. Stay at an international chain business hotel, no less than an international four-star, comfortable and convenient business travel service

6. Non-stop flights eliminate the need for boat and car trips, and the hotel's luxury hotel shuttle buses save time and worry

7. Full-time overseas tour leader and professional tour guide

8. Zhongzhan Ocean has a professional construction department, which specializes in designing high-quality booths, and directly connects with foreign construction factories to save you special installation costs.

9. Co-organize subsidy handling after the exhibition to understand the situation of subsidies in various places

China Exhibition Ocean Business Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd .-- International Exhibition


606 Hongfu Building, Beiqing Road, Changping District, Beijing  


Contact: Yang Yahong 17319266621

Email: liyanan @ iebcexpo .com      

online contact infomation:

QQ: 1697797841 WeChat: 17319266621

The good news: Our company accepts inspectors who come with the delegation, and companies are welcome to register!
In addition, our company can assist exhibitors to apply to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce for "SME International Market Exploitation Fund" subsidy, which is used to subsidize exhibitors' participation costs. , Comfortable business car, exotic tour, can design routes according to customer's special requirements.

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March 2021 IFA Eurasia, an annual European water, sewage, solid waste and recycling exhibition

13-15 July 2021 South Africa Water, Wastewater, Solid Waste and Recycling Exhibition IFAT Africa

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