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2020 China (Wuhan) International Hardware & Electrical Exhibition

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Name of fair: 2020 China (Wuhan) International Hardware & Electrical Exhibition
Exhibition category: Domestic exhibition
Exhibition location: Wuhan International Expo Center Hall B1-B5 (Hanyang)
organizer: Hubei Lijia Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Exhibition company: Chongqing Lijia Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Exhibition Date: 9/2/2020 to 9/5/2020
Web address: http: //
Contact: Zhang Kai
contact details: 13971153732

2020 China (Wuhan) International Hardware & Electrical Exhibition
2020 china (wuhan) international hardware electromechanical exhibition
Time: September 2-5, 2020 Venue: Wuhan International Expo Center Hall B1-B5 (Hanyang)

Wuhan Municipal People's Government and Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce
Supported by Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce:
China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products, China Machinery Industry Federation, China Export-Import Bank Taiwan Electric and Electronic Industries Association, Taiwan Machinery Industry Association Japan Trade Promotion Agency, Korea Trade Investment Promotion Corporation
Chongqing Lijia Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd., Hubei Lijia Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Foreword China is one of the world's major hardware and electrical machinery producers and has become the world's largest hardware processing and exporting country. The hardware and electrical machinery industry is developing at a rapid pace. The traditional domestic hardware industry's major markets are mainly concentrated in mechanical hardware, construction hardware, decorative hardware, and daily hardware. Hubei, as a representative old industrial base in central China, and the country advocates two strategically important nodes of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the “Belt and Road”. With the integration of traditional manufacturing technology + transformation and upgrading, Hubei has a broad industry market and huge consumer demand.
China International Electromechanical Products Expo is a key equipment manufacturing exhibition co-sponsored by Wuhan Municipal Government and Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce. The 20th China International Electromechanical Products Expo, which was held from November 1-4, 2019, lasted for 4 days. With the theme of "industrial integration and intelligent creation of the future", it attracted 36,315 professional visitors at home and abroad. During the same period, nearly 20 professional forum activities were held, and more than 30 technical associations such as industry associations, enterprise groups, and research and development institutions formed professional seller groups to visit and purchase. 2020 Wuhan Machine Expo plans to set up exhibition areas: CNC machine tools and metal processing, industrial automation and robotics, manufacturing informatization, plastics and packaging industry, hardware and machinery, automotive equipment manufacturing, mold industry and 3D printing technology, new energy vehicles and new Energy, intelligent logistics storage equipment and new technologies. It is estimated that there will be 650 exhibiting companies in the 2020 exhibition, with an exhibition area of 50,000 square meters, which will attract 40,000 professional visitors to watch and purchase.
Wuhan International Hardware & Electrical Exhibition, as the main thematic exhibition area of China International Electromechanical Products Expo, is based in Hubei and radiates to Central China and even the whole country. It already has a certain influence in the hardware mechanical and electrical industry, and attracts many well-known domestic and foreign companies to participate every year. During the exhibition, it will integrate high-quality resources based on market advantages, increase promotion and publicity, and carefully organize supporting activities such as economic and trade exchanges and theme forums. Starting from high specifications, high standards, and high effectiveness, enterprises and governments, associations, media, Communication, exchanges and cooperation among professional audiences to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and provide exhibitors with a display and promotion platform that integrates brand display, technology exchange, trade cooperation and market development in the development of the central market.

Comprehensive media promotion + multi-channel professional audience invitation
1. Many media focuses • Comprehensive propaganda reports:
The majority of the media participated in the whole process, through the early warm-up reports, the mid-term focused publicity, and the continuous attention in the later stages, to make the exhibition more widely spread, the results are more prominent, the highlights are more diverse, and the impact is more profound. Carry out all-round promotion through TV stations, print media, online media, new media, and offline media.
2. One-on-one invitations from professional audiences:
Organization specialists make one-on-one invitations by phone + WeChat + email to ensure the quality of the seller.
3. Industry cluster field visit invitation:
Visit local industrial clusters, industrial parks, etc., and make face-to-face invitations to ensure the effectiveness of publicity. Improve audience presence and satisfaction.
4. Business associations lead:
Cooperate with relevant industry associations and organizations to organize related member companies to participate in the negotiation and purchase.
5. Professional sellers invite one-on-one:
Printed 300,000 visit guides, and targeted seller invitations for key cities around Hubei and Wuhan and the entire Central China region. Visitors of invitation letters from professional customers will be directly upgraded to the "VIP Visitors" of the exhibition, and enjoy convenient service for VIP visitors at the exhibition site (including group visitors cash transportation subsidies, VIP audience dedicated rest areas, pre-registered visitors enjoy exquisite gifts)

Exhibition scope:
1. Hand tools: traditional hand tools, explosion-proof tools, auto maintenance tools, garden tools, tool cases, measuring tools;
2. Power tools: traditional power tools, power tool accessories;
3. Pneumatic tools: traditional pneumatic tools, pneumatic tools;
4. Mechanical equipment: woodworking, cleaning, packaging, spraying, hydraulic, garden and plant protection, lifting and slings;
5. Welding equipment: electric welding, gas welding, laser welding, brazing, thermal fusion welding, welding materials, welding accessories;
6. Mechanical and electrical products: pumps, air compressors, motors, generators, bearings;
7. Abrasives: Abrasives, cutting tools, diamond products;
8. Hardware products: construction, decoration, doors and windows, plumbing, kitchen and bathroom, casters, standard fasteners and hardware miscellaneous goods;
9. Manufacturing equipment: forging, die casting, stamping, finishing, heat treatment, surface treatment, other;
10. Low-voltage electrical appliances: electric lamps, wires, sockets, switch panels, electric light sources, LED lights, materials, and accessories;
11. Other products: labor security, daily use and gift hardware, intelligent equipment, e-commerce, media.

Participation costs:
Booth charges:
Booth Specifications Domestic Enterprise (RMB) Overseas Enterprise (RMB)
Special exhibition area (without configuration) RMB880 yuan / m2 USD200 / m2
Upgrade standard booth 3m 3m (9m2) RMB8800 yuan / USD2200 USD / standard booth configuration: standard company name, one negotiation table, two seats, two spotlights, one 250W / 220V power socket (not Including lighting and mechanical power), carpet.
Open space: no configuration, rent from 36m2.
Directory advertisement:
Project price (RMB) Project price (RMB)
The cover of the conference journal is 20,000 yuan. The cover of the journal is three. 9,000 yuan. The back cover of the journal is 15,000 yuan. The inside page is 4200 yuan. The cover of the journal is 22,000 yuan. Four-color fine print, exhibitors who have fixed the advertisement of the conference catalogue must submit the confirmed design draft to the office of the organizing committee one month before the launch.

Exhibiting steps:
1. Confirm the booth, fill in the "Exhibition Application Form" signature and seal accurately, and scan or fax it to the organizing committee.
2. After signing the booth contract, pay the exhibition fees within 5 working days, transfer or wire transfer to the account of the organizing committee, and the organizing committee will issue the corresponding invoice.
3. The Organizing Committee will provide the “Exhibitor Manual” one month before the exhibition. The designated contractors, exhibit logistics, on-site hydropower application, facilities lease, business travel accommodation and other service items will be explained in detail.
4. For the overall image of the exhibition, the organizing committee has the right to adjust individual booths and has the right to explain.

Please contact:
Address: Danshui International, No. 2030 Jiefang Avenue, Jiang'an District, Wuhan Tel: 027-51669128 QQ: 272265529
Contact: Zhang Kai 13971153732 (WeChat)
Email: zhangkaiexpo@163.com

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