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2020 China Sichuan Environmental Protection Expo-Western Professional Environmental Protection Exhibition

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Name of fair: 2020 China Sichuan Environmental Protection Expo-Western Professional Environmental Protection Exhibition
Exhibition category: Domestic exhibition
Exhibition location: Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center
organizer: Sichuan Energy Conservation Association, Sichuan Ecological Civilization Promotion Association
Exhibition company: Chengdu Tianyi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Exhibition Date: 5/14/2020 to 5/16/2020
Web address: http://www.scepe.cn
Contact: Ms. Ye
contact details: 15528011299
  • Organizational Unit:

Sichuan Province Energy Conservation Association, Sichuan Province Ecological Civilization Promotion Association, Sichuan New Energy Industry Promotion Association, Sichuan Province Eco-Environment Association, Sichuan Water Pollution Treatment Service Association, Guangdong Water Treatment Technology Association, Chengdu Environmental Protection Industry Association, Chengdu City Renewable Resources Industry Association, Chengdu Tianyi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

  • Exhibition Overview

  The Sichuan Environmental Protection Expo with the theme of “Innovation Wins the Future and Green Seeks Development” is organized by Sichuan Energy Conservation Association, Sichuan Ecological Civilization Promotion Association, Sichuan Water Pollution Treatment Service Association, Sichuan Ecological Environment Association, Chengdu Environmental Protection Industry Association And Chengdu Tianyi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. The exhibition focuses on environmental solutions such as water treatment, air pollution prevention, solid waste treatment, environmental monitoring, soil remediation, industrial energy conservation and clean production, ecological restoration, etc. During the same period, 20+ summit forums closely followed industry hotspots, and exhibitions and technology seminars were held. , Investment negotiation, industry activities, etc., to build a brand-new cooperation, communication, and exchange platform for the environmental protection industry.

At the 2020 Sichuan Environmental Protection Expo, there will be 550 Chinese and foreign companies exhibiting together to showcase the current * equipment, products and technologies for oil, gas, chemical, power, biopharmaceuticals, electronics, coatings, printing and dyeing, electroplating, breeding, food, beverages, paper , Steel, metallurgy, cement, coal, mining, equipment manufacturing and other industries to provide * new environmental protection solutions, bringing new opportunities, new energy and new vitality to the industry, is expected to attract 35,000+ professional buyers to visit the site to purchase.

  • Previous review

With the care and support of the competent department of ecological environment and various industry associations, and the careful planning of the organizing committee, the 2019 China Sichuan Environmental Protection Expo was successfully held in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center on May 9-11, 2019, 327 Well-known brands and manufacturers in the industry join hands * to present new products and cutting-edge technologies on the scene, and there are multiple technical forums involving water pollution prevention, organic waste gas (VOCs) pollution treatment and monitoring, solid waste management, and soil safety restoration.

The exhibition attracted a total of 23,861 professional visitors from sewage treatment plants, garbage treatment plants, environmental protection engineering companies, environmental investment companies, environmental science institutes, environmental monitoring stations, environmental sanitation units, industrial enterprises, industrial parks, design institutes and scientific research units in the southwest region. Waiting, came to visit and negotiate procurement. CCTV Finance Channel, Sichuan Satellite TV, Chongqing Satellite TV, Chengdu TV Station, Sichuan Daily, Sichuan News Network, West China Metropolis Daily, People's Network, Phoenix.com, Sohu, Sina and other more than 300 mainstream media and more than 300 industry media reports to achieve the exhibition * Great exposure, and has been unanimously praised by various user units, exhibitors and government associations.

  • Exhibition advantages
  • Official guidance + multi-party collaboration, forging a high-standard exhibition

?Sichuan Province's key exhibition projects, government departments and associations to support and integrate good resources;

?30000 square meters exhibition area, multiple international pavilions, 550+ exhibitors, and more than 35,000 professional buyers;

?Five major exhibition areas, special exhibitions, and over 10,000 exhibits were unveiled, covering the entire environmental protection industry chain;

?20+ authoritative technical forums, multiple thematic venues, publishing and interpreting environmental protection industry hotspots;

2. New media + traditional media, multi-channel linkage

?500+ industry online media, 100+ industry professional publications, 300+ professional public media, 20+ mass media radio stations, all-round publicity and promotion to achieve the industry's largest exposure

?The official website of the exhibition, WeChat public account, Weibo, EDM, Baidu SEM, DSP big data precision delivery, new media bottles such as Baidu, Ali, etc., radiate accurate target groups across the country.

?The organizing committee participates in activities such as exhibitions, forums, annual conferences, and associations in well-known industries throughout the country and the world, and conducts exhibition promotion and invitations.

3. Carpet-style promotion + precision marketing, professional audiences gather

?50+ professional Call Center team for one-to-one telephone invitation; 500,000+ pieces of accurate data; hundreds of thousands of SMS messages delivered to the exhibition * New information.

?100+ market promotion teams covering 300+ markets in Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou, Shaanxi and other provinces.

?After learning about the exhibitors' products and promotion needs, the core buyer team targeted waste treatment plants, environmental monitoring stations, environmental sanitation companies, engineering companies, design institutes, industrial parks, industrial enterprises, environmental protection equipment traders, hospitals, schools, and urban construction. The owners and other units make invitations to achieve accurate matching of buyers and exhibitors on site.

?100+ buses are provided for free, which facilitates the visit of associations, parks and market groups.

?In-depth cooperation with more than 50 associations and research institutes; the association issued red-head documents to enhance the professionalism of the exhibition; extensively invited its members to participate in, exchange, and purchase.

  • Exhibition content

1. Water pollution prevention technology equipment exhibition area:

Urban domestic sewage treatment, village and town sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, sewage plant construction and upgrading, pump valve pipelines and accessories, sludge treatment and disposal, landfill leachate treatment, advanced treatment and resource utilization, drinking water safety guarantee, Source pollution control, water treatment materials and pharmaceuticals, rivers and lakes and towns black and odorous water bodies.

2. Air pollution prevention technology equipment exhibition area:

Fugitive dust suppression, flue gas dedusting, desulfurization, denitration and multi-pollutant coordinated treatment, ultra-low emission technology, heavy metal control of flue gas, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) treatment, workplace air purification, industrial waste gas recovery and treatment, industrial Soot, dust control, indoor air purification and cleanliness, oil and gas recovery equipment and energy purification, motor vehicle and ship exhaust purification, non-road machinery pollution emission control, etc.

3 , Solid waste treatment and disposal technology and equipment exhibition area:

Treatment and utilization of domestic waste, treatment and utilization of general industrial waste, treatment and utilization of hazardous waste, treatment and utilization of agricultural (rural) waste treatment, treatment and utilization of kitchen waste, treatment and utilization of waste electrical and electronic products, treatment of abandoned automobiles And utilization, garbage collection and transportation, urban road cleaning and maintenance equipment, etc.

4. Environmental monitoring exhibition area:

Laboratory instruments and equipment, portable emergency monitoring, online monitoring, biological monitoring, remote sensing monitoring, intelligent platform of IoT instruments and technology, etc .; environmental emergency monitoring technology, equipment and materials.

5. Noise and vibration control technology and equipment exhibition area:

Sound absorption, sound insulation, noise reduction, vibration isolation, etc.

6. Soil and groundwater remediation technology and equipment exhibition area:

Soil and groundwater collection, risk assessment of contaminated sites, remediation of farmland pollution, remediation of petrochemical organic pollution sites, remediation of heavy metal contaminated sites such as smelting mines, repair of complex contaminated sites, remediation of groundwater pollution, etc.

7. Ecological restoration and protection technology and equipment exhibition area:

Lake water pollution treatment and ecological restoration, river water pollution treatment and ecological restoration, urban black and odorous water body treatment and restoration; sponge city construction, urban ecosystem regulation, agricultural non-point source pollution treatment, ecological agriculture; nature reserve construction and protection, etc.

8. Green and low-carbon technologies, equipment and products exhibition area:

Clean production, energy saving, clean energy, efficient use of resources and energy; carbon cycle, storage and recycling; environmental labeling products, organic food, sustainable consumption, etc.

9. Environmental service exhibition area:

Regional and river basin comprehensive environmental services, PPP; environmental impact assessment, environmental planning, environmental pollution damage assessment, environmental management and other consulting services; pollution management facilities operation management, environmental monitoring, etc.

10. Achievement exhibition area of ecological and environmental protection industrial park construction:

Ecological industrial park, circular economy park, environmental protection industrial park, etc.


  • Concurrent Technology Forum

1. Water pollution treatment and safe use of sewage resources. 6. Environmental monitoring and services.

2. Atmospheric environment management and pollution control. 7. Soil and groundwater environment.

3. VOCs emission reduction and comprehensive management. 8. Indoor environment control and health.

4. Solid waste management and pollution control. 9. Diesel vehicle emission control.

5. Industrial cleaner production and green development. 10. Environmental policy and investment and financing.

  Participation fee

Booth cost:

Booth specifications

Domestic exhibitors

Foreign exhibitors

Standard booth (3M 3M)

RMB 8500 / each

USD 1500 / each

Indoor open space booth (from 36m 2 for rent)

RMB 900 / sqm

USD 150 / sqm

Note: a. Each standard booth is provided free of charge: one negotiation table, two chairs, two spotlights, within 220V / 5A load

One socket and one fascia board with unit name.

b. Open space booth: No configuration is provided, and the exhibitor is responsible for the various costs of booth construction and arrangement.

Technical exchange meeting (limited to 15 minutes per session, subject-specific): RMB 4,800 per session

Advertisement Solicitation:

The organizer will also collect and publish a special issue of "Supplier" in the environmental protection industry, and combine it with the exhibition "Proceedings" to produce and distribute it. In addition to the professional user units, participants and exhibitors distributed during the exhibition, it will also cooperate through relevant cooperation The members of the unit and the professional network of the organizer are sent to the industry, and all relevant units are welcome to advertise.

Advertising in the catalogue (210㎜ 140㎜):

Color inner page: 5000 yuan / version Cover: 30,000 yuan Back cover: 20,000 yuan

Front cover, back cover, and front page: 8,000 yuan / version Text introduction: 1,000 yuan

Other ads:

Invitation card: 10,000 yuan / 10,000 copies Admission badge (advertising advertisement on the back of the tag): 20,000 yuan / 10,000 copies

  • Organizing Committee

Chengdu Tianyi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Contact: Ms. Ye

Mobile: 1552811299

Landline: 028-81713908

Email: 3042097814@qq.com

Website: Http: //www.scepe.cn

Public number: Sichuan Environmental Protection Exhibition

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