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The 6th Shanghai International Solid Waste Gas Exhibition 2020 sets off to protect the earth

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Name of fair: The 6th Shanghai International Solid Waste Gas Exhibition 2020 sets off to protect the earth
Exhibition category: Domestic exhibition
Exhibition location: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (Hongqiao)
organizer: Shanghai Herui Exhibition Co., Ltd. Chinese Environmental Protection Federation Zhejiang Environmental Protection Equipment Industry Association, Suzhou Environmental Protection Industry Association
Exhibition company: Shanghai Herui Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Exhibition Date: 6/3/2020 to 6/5/2020
Web address: http://www.ecotechwaste.com.cn
Contact: Ms. Tang
contact details: 021-33231319

Shanghai International Solid Waste Disposal and Waste Gas Treatment Exhibition (abbreviated as: Shanghai International Solid Waste Gas Exhibition) is a professional exhibition with domestic industry influence, which aims to create a business exchange platform that penetrates the upstream and downstream industrial chains in the field of environmental protection. As the industry's high-quality solid waste gas exhibition, Shanghai International Solid Waste Gas Exhibition has been successfully held for five times, and the sixth exhibition will be held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (Hongqiao) from June 3-5, 2020, and the scale of the exhibition will reach 32,000 square meters. Exhibits cover exhaust gas treatment, dust removal / desulfurization and denitrification, smart environmental protection / environment monitoring, solid waste disposal / sludge treatment, etc. The exhibition was jointly created by Shanghai Herui Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. and the China Environmental Protection Federation, with official support from Zhejiang Environmental Protection Equipment Industry Association and Suzhou Environmental Protection Industry Association.

The 5th Shanghai International Solid Waste Gas Exhibition in 2019 attracted the active participation of 461 exhibitors from home and abroad, and a total of 27,027 professional visitors from 115 countries and regions came to visit. In addition to traditional utilities, scientific research and design institutes, engineering companies, and environmental protection solution providers, exhibitors also have access to chemicals, pharmaceuticals, wood processing, furniture manufacturing, painting, electronics, rubber and plastics, textiles, printing and dyeing, etc. 30 professional visitors in the environmental protection terminal industry. Through cooperation with a number of international environmental protection innovation technology institutions, associations and industry media, Shanghai International Solid Waste Gas Exhibition has launched dozens of special forums and activities, which not only shared product technology and market prospects, but also brought additional benefits to exhibitors. Opportunities to help companies more effectively maintain customer relationships, expand business cooperation, promote new products and services, enhance brand image, and win an advantage in market competition!

Shanghai International Solid Waste Gas Exhibition is one of the world ’s largest environmental protection exhibition platforms and one of the world ’s largest environmental protection exhibitions in the world. The new air show, Shanghai International Building Water Show and Shanghai International Ecological Comfortable Home Furnishing Exhibition together constitute the environmental protection industry chain structure and strong scale effect, sharing 120,000 visitors resources, and escorting the participation effect!

10 highlights


The display scale of 32,000 square meters covers four major themes


Co-sponsored by the China Environmental Protection Federation, opening up government procurement channels


"Juxiaojike" integrates brand communication and opens up new channels of Internet + marketing


More than 500 exhibitors gathered


Brand promotion platform with 60 new product launches


250,000 official APP users bring more online opportunities


Share 120,000 global audience resources with World Environment


VIP Diamond Buy Club selects over a hundred buyers to provide live trade matching


Get support from more than 100 user associations and industry media


Explore over 100 hot topics with industry authorities

Dust removal and desulfurization and denitration exhibition area

The environmental protection industry is a typical policy-driven industry. In recent years, the country has successively introduced a series of related policies for the prevention and control of air pollution, which not only raises the public's attention to the entire air pollution control industry, but also makes dust removal, desulfurization and denitration a future in China. A promising sunrise industry in the environmental protection industry. In 2020, the organizer will specially plan an exhibition area of 800 square meters of dust removal and desulfurization and denitrification, which will showcase advanced domestic and foreign advanced industry technologies and products, and invite municipal, environmental protection engineering companies, electricity, steel, cement, metallurgy, casting, ceramics and other fields. The end-users will participate together and will also invite Zhejiang Environmental Protection Equipment Industry Association and Suzhou Environmental Protection Industry Association to organize professional user groups to visit and negotiate. At present, Feida, GEA, Teijin, China Aerospace, Shenjiang Environment, Maosheng, Xinfeng, Jiake, Hongsheng, Shanghai Bags, Jiangsu Blue Sky, Okay, Dr. Bi and other air pollution control * companies have entered the exhibition area.

Range of exhibition

Exhaust gas treatment

Smart environmental protection / environmental monitoring

Solid waste disposal / sludge treatment

Exhaust gas treatment project

Exhaust gas treatment equipment

Exhaust gas recycling technology and equipment

Industrial waste gas treatment equipment

Odor treatment equipment

Purification and deodorization technology

Suction and exhaust equipment

Related supporting equipment

Dust removal / desulfurization and denitration

Dust removal and purification technology and equipment

Filter cloth filter cartridges and accessories

Clean coal technology and equipment

Desulfurization technology and equipment

Denitrification technology and equipment

Related supporting equipment

Smart environmental protection

IOT platform system

Big data intelligent system

Third-party environmental services

VOCs online monitoring

Soot detection

Soil pollution detection

Water quality analysis and testing

Noise detection and control

Solid waste detection and analysis

Automatic analysis monitoring

Instruments and accessories

Sludge treatment equipment

Sludge drying incineration

Clean sludge storage

Sludge sanitary landfill

Sludge deodorization technology

Sludge transportation equipment

Sludge composting technology

Comprehensive disposal and reuse

Waste recycling

Domestic waste disposal

Garbage collection and transportation

Waste incineration and gasification

Landfill technology

Construction waste disposal

Agriculture and hazardous waste treatment

Comprehensive solid waste disposal

Previous Brand Exhibitor

Upcoming conference events

Conference theme

Environmental pollution control industry summit forum

National Matching Conference on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Odor Pollution Control and Monitoring Technologies

China Advanced Symposium on Sludge Disposal Technology and Hazardous Waste Resource Utilization and Harmless Disposal

Annual General Meeting of Shanghai Heat Treatment Association

China Environmental Protection Federation Member Enterprise Annual Meeting

Third-party environmental service overall solution forum and training

Landfill Leachate Treatment Technology Forum

Training of related parties on the Epac platform ⸺ Sinopec Materials Bidding Training

HSE Environmental Safety Management Innovation Forum

New Product Technology Conference


Environmental Protection Association, China Energy Environment Technology Association

China Environmental Culture Promotion Association

China Environmental Culture Promotion Association

Shanghai Heat Treatment Association

China Environmental Protection Federation

China Environmental Protection Federation

China Membrane Industry Association

Beijing Great Wall E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Health Safety Environment Research Association

60 well-known brands in the industry

[聚 聚集 客] Service plan integrated marketing package

In addition to the traditional offline exhibition promotion, in 2020, the organizer will reach professional professionals in various marketing channels in three phases (before, during, and after the exhibition) by integrating high-quality information of enterprise products and event content materials. Buyer data resources continue to integrate marketing offensives, in order to stimulate potential target buyers' interest and interest in the enterprise, thereby generating more interaction intentions, and ultimately helping companies to improve marketing effectiveness and obtain more information about customers with intentions.

Media Contact

Shanghai Herui Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. Address: Room 401, Block A, Hongqiao 525 Creative Park, 55 Jinyu Road, Minhang District, Shanghai (near Xianfeng Street)
Contact: Ms. Tang Phone: 021-333231319
Email: marcom@ecotechwaste.com.cn
Website: www.ecotechwaste.com.cn

About the organizer

Founded in 2007, Shanghai Horie Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Horie) is a member of the CHC Group, and is also the * representative agency of the RAI global brand exhibition in Greater China. As a host that has more than ten years of experience and has rich experience in planning and organizing professional brand exhibitions at home and abroad, Horui always adheres to the spirit of artisans, focuses on the B2B2C field, and is committed to creating an excellent international environmental protection business platform.

At present, Hory organizes or participates in more than 20 domestic and overseas exhibitions every year. Its core business scope includes water treatment, fluid machinery, environmental protection, water conservancy, new materials, construction and comfortable home industry related exhibitions based on the Chinese market. Overseas cooperative exhibition projects and B2B e-commerce.

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