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2020 China-ASEAN (Vietnam) Polyurethane Exhibition

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Name of fair: 2020 China-ASEAN (Vietnam) Polyurethane Exhibition
Exhibition category: International Exhibition
Exhibition location: Hanoi International Exhibition Center (ICE)
organizer: Ministry of Industry and Trade
Exhibition company: Guangxi Shichuang Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Exhibition Date: 4/15/2020 to 4/18/2020
Web address:
Contact: Liu Nian
contact details: 13707888296

Exhibition time: April 15-18, 2020

Venue: Hanoi International Exhibition Center

Exhibition cycle: once a year

Organizers: Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Construction, Vietnam Ministry of Resources and Environment

China Merchants: Guangxi Shichuang Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition introduction:

The exhibition is a large-scale trade promotion exhibition directly sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam. It has received the high attention of the Vietnamese government and the attention of all walks of life. This exhibition is of great significance to the directional development of Vietnam's economy. It brings good business opportunities to domestic and foreign exhibitors in various businesses such as economic cooperation, technology transfer, investment, trade negotiations, import and export, and product agency. , Trade institutions, economic organizations, and investors, the best platform for centralized exchanges and cooperation. Many Chinese exhibitors successfully entered the Vietnamese market through this exhibition.

According to the organizer's statistics: the exhibition area of the previous expo reached more than 25,000 square meters of exhibition area; there were about 800 exhibitors from Vietnam and abroad, with more than 1,000 international standard booths, and foreign exhibitors accounted for about 45%; Vietnam accounted for about 55%. Exhibiting countries: China, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Philippines, India, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other enterprises from more than 20 countries and regions participate in and conduct multilateral trade negotiations. Attracted more than 35,000 visitors to observe the transaction, and the total transaction volume of the exhibition exceeded US $ 600 million.

Market introduction:

Vietnam ’s GDP has grown steadily by more than 5% annually, and it is the leader of the ASEAN economy. In 2015, China-Vietnam bilateral trade totaled 95.619 billion US dollars. Among them, China exported US $ 66.143 billion to Vietnam and imported US $ 29.876 billion from Vietnam. China has become Vietnam's largest trading partner for twelve consecutive years, the largest import market and the fourth largest export market in Vietnam. With the completion of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area has become the third largest free trade area in the world after North America and the European Union. In September 2016, the two countries re-signed the "China-Vietnam Border Trade Agreement", which further standardized border trade practices, further facilitated customs clearance procedures, and significantly improved the customs clearance order. At the same time, Vietnam, as a major member of ASEAN, is a key country on the Maritime Silk Road, a center of radiation to ASEAN, a bridgehead and the most important and convenient channel for Chinese products to enter the ASEAN market. In the past ten years, most Chinese companies have used the Vietnamese market as the first stop to expand the ASEAN market. Chinese products exported to Vietnam enjoy zero tariffs, which has brought unlimited new business opportunities for Chinese enterprises to expand the Vietnamese market. The zero-tariff policy has directly enhanced the international competitiveness of "Made in China" exports to Vietnam. "Made in China" is inexpensive and well received by Vietnamese merchants. In recent years, Vietnam has imported a large amount of raw materials and equipment from China every year, and Chinese companies are expanding into Vietnam at a historic opportunity. In recent years, the Vietnamese government has adjusted its trade policy with China. The Vietnamese government has determined that under the same conditions, Vietnam chooses Chinese enterprises and encourages Chinese enterprises to invest in Vietnam. Specific measures include: Chinese enterprises can set up factories in the port economic zone. Many preferential policies support development; Chinese goods are shipped to other Southeast Asian countries through Vietnam and enjoy the same treatment as Vietnamese companies; Chinese companies are encouraged to invest in Vietnam to set up factories and export products to ASEAN countries.

Exhibition scope:

1. Polyurethane raw materials: isocyanates, polyether polyols, polyester polyols, other polyols and active hydrogen-containing oligomers, blowing agents, catalysts, flame retardants, foam stabilizers and other additives (solvents, plasticizers) Agents, antioxidants, stabilizers, colorants, fillers, etc.);

2. Polyurethane (semi-finished product) products: polyurethane foam (soft / hard), polyurethane elastomer, polyurethane sole solution, composite material, polyurethane leather resin, polyurethane elastic fiber (spandex), polyurethane adhesive, polyurethane sealant, polyurethane packaging Systems, polyureas, polyurethane coatings (solvent polyurethane coatings, solventless polyurethane coatings, waterborne polyurethane coatings, polyurethane paints) and other specific polyurethane products;

3. Polyurethane equipment: Polyurethane high (low) pressure infusion foaming machine, horizontal continuous foaming equipment, spray foaming machine, sponge cutting machinery facilities, recycled sponge machinery facilities, polyurethane molds, pouring machines, metering pumps, continuous sandwich panel production lines , Screen machinery, mixing facilities, etc.

Participation mode:

The first mode: exhibiting and renting booths independently: the product and corporate image are intuitive and effective, and the negotiation is convenient;

The second mode: only visit the exhibition and do not rent a booth: the expatriate will follow the delegation during the whole process. Participating companies can distribute materials at the venue and synchronize with the exhibitors to participate in all trade promotion and business activities for free during the session. Participating companies only need to bring product specifications, business cards or small samples to participate in the exhibition advertising. They can directly contact Vietnamese merchants. There are also many business opportunities, and they only need to pay staff costs.

Declaration of special funds for foreign trade development:

Assist exhibiting companies with import and export business rights to apply for special funds for foreign economic and trade development to subsidize participation costs.


Contact of China Merchants Group Exhibition Office :

Guangxi Shichuang Convention & Exhibition Co., Ltd. "Focused and Committed to China-ASEAN Quality Exhibition Projects and Services":

Address: Unit 4005, Building 6, Ronghe Yuelan Mountain, Changhong Road, Nanning

Contact: Liu Nian

Phone: 0771-6776118

Mobile: 13707888296 (same as WeChat)

Q Q: 418920974

Please call for details

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