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What's wrong with the design concept of pneumatic conveying system (2)

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Wrong separation of cyclones: When designing the pneumatic conveying system, if the system software has several receiving points, ensure that the airtight shunt is used to properly migrate the cyclones. Cyclones are only designed to be picked up from one to the next, and airtight steering systems must be used to protect each transport safety aisle from several pick-up points to several arrival stations.

Overconsideration: The design of the exhaust pipe filter device is for gas drainage, not for transporting gas, and some manufacturers incorrectly depend on the natural ventilation filter device on the silo, which will center the system New cyclones cause problems. In addition to the small and medium-sized natural ventilation filtering devices on the silo, bag dust removal equipment is critical and can solve the transport cyclone.

Do not pay attention to the corrosion of components: because of the differences in the characteristics of different raw materials, some chemical plants and plastic manufacturers will have corrosion, acid and alkali characteristics in the raw materials. Reasonable layout to carry out rust. Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the pneumatic conveying system, it is necessary to ensure that the contact members of the raw materials are made of metal.

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