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Advantages and disadvantages of butterfly valve itself

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Industrial special butterfly valve features high temperature resistance, high applicable pressure range, large nominal diameter of valve, valve body made of carbon steel, valve ring with metal ring instead of rubber ring. Large high temperature butterfly valves are manufactured by welding steel plates, which are mainly used in flue ducts and gas pipes for high temperature media.
In the cylindrical channel of the butterfly valve body, the disc-shaped butterfly plate rotates around the axis, and the rotation angle is between 0 -90 . When it rotates to 90 , the valve is fully open. The manual butterfly valve is simple in structure, small in size and light in weight, and consists of only a few parts. Moreover, it can be opened and closed quickly only by rotating 90 , and the operation is simple. At the same time, the butterfly valve has good fluid control characteristics. When the butterfly valve is in the fully open position, the thickness of the butterfly plate is the resistance when the medium flows through the valve body. Therefore, the pressure drop generated by the valve is small, so it has good flow control characteristics. Butterfly valve has two types of sealing: spring-sealed and metal hard-sealed butterfly valves. Elastically sealed valve, the sealing ring can be embedded in the valve body or attached to the periphery of the butterfly plate.

Butterfly valve refers to a valve whose disc or disc is a disc that rotates around the valve shaft to achieve opening and closing. It is mainly used for cutting and throttling on the pipeline. The butterfly valve opening and closing member is a disc-shaped butterfly plate that rotates around its own axis in the valve body to achieve the purpose of opening and closing or adjusting. Butterfly valve fully open to fully closed is usually less than 90 .
The advantages of butterfly valves are as follows:
1. It is convenient and quick to open and close, labor-saving, small fluid resistance, and can be operated frequently to achieve long life.
2. Simple structure, small size and light weight.
3. Strong temperature resistance (generally 650 ℃)
4.High regulation performance
The disadvantages of butterfly valves are as follows:
1.Not easy to make small caliber
2.It is difficult to achieve complete sealing

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