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Storage equipment

9th year
  • 2019-12-26 8:49 [Supply] storage tank, tower trough, transport trough2019-12-26 8:49
  • L2 aluminum automobile transportation tanker 0.5M3-10M3L2 aluminum horizontal and vertical storage tank 0.5M3-3000M3A3 aluminum automobile transportation tanker 0.5M3-10M3A3 aluminum horizontal and vertical storage tank 0.5M3-3000M3 stainless steel storage tank ,meter...
  • Wuxi Jiawen Culture Machinery Co., Ltd. [Jiangsu. Wuxi] advisory
10th year
8th year
6th year
6th year
  • 2019-12-28 9:5 [Supply] JGB Series Mixing Tank2019-12-28 9: 5
  • Stainless steel mixing tanks can also be called water-phase tanks, which are widely used in coatings, medicine, building materials, chemicals, pigments, resins, food, scientific research and other industries. This equipment can choose carbon steel, stainless steel ...
  • Changzhou Baokang Drying Machinery Co., Ltd. [Jiangsu. Changzhou] advisory
Year 2
  • 2019-12-27 9:18 [Supply] Vacuum Decompression Concentration Tank2019-12-27 9:18
  • The main purpose of the vacuum decompression concentration tank is suitable for the concentration of feed liquid in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and other industries. The evaporation strength is generally 5-60 kg / m2h, and the specific gravity of the concentrated liquid should not be greater than 1.25, otherwise it will cause difficulties in discharging.
  • Wuxi Maoda Chemical Packing Factory [Jiangsu. Wuxi] advisory
3rd year
  • 2019-12-27 8:38 [Supply] FRP FRP Horizontal Storage Tank2019-12-27 8:38
  • FRP storage tanks can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, power, transportation, food brewing, artificial synthesis, water supply and drainage, desalination, water conservancy irrigation and national defense engineering industries. Store all kinds of corrosion ...
  • Suzhou Dingyu Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. [Jiangsu. Suzhou] advisory
7th year
10th year
  • 2019-11-19 16:47 [Supply] PP Horizontal Storage Tank2019-11-19 16:47
  • The company's storage tanks and tanks made of PP and PVC are mainly used for the storage and temporary storage of materials in the production of chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, oil, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, environmental protection, light industry and other industries. this...
  • Taicang Hengtong Chemical Anticorrosive Equipment Co., Ltd. [Jiangsu. Suzhou] advisory
10th year
7th year
  • 2019-11-1 14:59 [Supply] Stainless steel storage tank, preparation tank 2019-11-1 14:59
  • Overview of stainless steel storage tanks and preparation tanks Stainless steel storage tanks and preparation tanks are suitable for thick / thin blending in the pharmaceutical industry. The tank body is equipped with an interlayer, which can be heated and cooled. The inner surface is polished by electrolytic mirror surface. ..
  • Changzhou Huanjia Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. [Jiangsu. Changzhou] advisory
7th year
1st year
7th year
4th year
8th year
Year 2
4th year
Year 2
Year 2
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