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5th year
  • 2019-6-24 11:21 [Supply] QZL Series Spherical Pill Making Machine2019-6-24 11:21
  • QZL series spherical pill making machine uses a specially designed rotor structure to process various wet granules into beautiful spherical granules. It is an ideal equipment for preparing capsules and Chinese medicine pills.
  • Changzhou Yibu Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. [Jiangsu. Changzhou] advisory
13th year
1st year
6th year
1st year
5th year
  • 2020-2-24 16:30 [Supply] FL boiling granulator 2020-2-24 16:30
  • Features of FL boiling granulator: powder granulation to improve fluidity and reduce dust flying; powder granulation to improve its dissolution performance; mixing, granulating and drying in one machine to complete one-step granulation; using antistatic ... .
  • Changzhou Xunchi Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. [Jiangsu. Changzhou] advisory
9th year
9th year
1st year
Year 2
12th year
  • 2020-2-20 15:36 [Supply] Extrusion Granulator 2020-2-20 15:36
  • The principle of the extrusion granulator makes the stirred material into the required particles, which is especially suitable for materials with high viscosity. This mechanism has a high molding rate, beautiful particles, automatic discharge, and avoids particle damage caused by manual discharge ...
  • Changzhou Binda Drying Granulating Equipment Co., Ltd. [Jiangsu. Changzhou] advisory
7th year
1st year
  • 2020-1-19 8:41 [Supply] XL Rotary Granulator 2020-1-19 8:41
  • All parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel. The appearance is beautiful, the structure is reasonable, the granulation molding rate is high, the particles are beautiful, and the material is automatically discharged to avoid the damage of the particles caused by artificial discharge. It is suitable for assembly line operations.
  • Jiangsu Tianying Drying Engineering Co., Ltd. [Jiangsu. Changzhou] advisory
8th year
  • 2020-1-19 8:25 [Supply] FLP series boiling granulator 2020-1-19 8:25
  • Purified and heated air enters the container from the ring gap. The material in the container is boiled at high speed. Due to the rotation of the distribution plate, the material is subject to its own gravity, air buoyancy, circumferential centrifugal force, friction ...
  • Changzhou Changhang Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. [Jiangsu. Changzhou] advisory
9th year
10th year
  • 2020-1-15 9:18 [Supply] Special granulator for food 2020-1-15 9:18
  • This machine is a kind of special equipment for forcing wet powder and mixture into granules through a sieve under the positive and negative rotation of a rotating drum. Type C is granulated for heavy-duty materials suitable for high viscosity materials.
  • Changzhou Jukai Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. [Jiangsu. Changzhou] advisory
8th year
9th year
1st year
Year 2
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