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Complex machine

10th year
  • 2019-12-27 6:51 [Supply] Breathable film laminating machine2019-12-27 6:51
  • This machine glues its sponge with cloth, EVA, human leather, non-woven fabric, rayon, etc., and is suitable for shoes, clothing, decoration, automobile and other industries. Due to the use of glue as an adhesive and high temperature resistant webbing pressure to make it ...
  • Shanghai Chengen Machinery Co., Ltd. [Shanghai. Shanghai] advisory
  • 2019-12-27 6:50 [Supply] Vertical mesh belt laminating machine2019-12-27 6:50
  • SH-2000 vertical mesh belt laminating machine Application: Gluing and laminating of sponge, cloth, EVA, human leather, artificial cotton, etc. Features: Adopt hot-melt adhesive powder or glue as adhesive and high temperature resistance
  • Shanghai Chengen Machinery Co., Ltd. [Shanghai. Shanghai] advisory
  • 2019-12-27 6:50 [Supply] Flame compound machine2019-12-27 6:50
  • This machine uses the sponge to soften the surface after flame baking. It quickly adheres to the cloth and becomes a composite of sponge and cloth without the need of adhesive. The rear part is equipped with water cooling and air cooling devices. .
  • Shanghai Chengen Machinery Co., Ltd. [Shanghai. Shanghai] advisory
  • 2019-12-27 6:50 [Supply] Flame compound machine2019-12-27 6:50
  • SH-2000B flame compound machine detailed description: 1. Uses and characteristics: This machine uses sponge to bake the surface after flame, which produces softening characteristics, and quickly adheres to the cloth, becoming an
  • Shanghai Chengen Machinery Co., Ltd. [Shanghai. Shanghai] advisory
  • 2019-12-26 16:17 [Supply] Oil level calender2019-12-26 16:17
  • Oil level calender Oil level calender is used for finishing and calendering of various textiles after printing and dyeing. Lianjing electromagnetic induction heating roller can greatly shorten the heating time and the temperature on the roller surface is uniform (the roller surface temperature difference is as small as 1 ℃) , Calendering temperature ...
  • Shanghai Lianjing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. [Shanghai. Shanghai] advisory
  • 2019-12-26 8:53 [Supply] Automotive Instrument Panel Welding Machine2019-12-26 8:53
  • 1. Two sets of ultrasonic combination of automobile instrument panel welding machine, special welding special specifications (such as: long, curved, large-area plastic products); 2. The head can be rotated 360 degrees at will, the welding product is wider, and can be set to single ...
  • Wuhan Delong Machinery Co., Ltd. [Hubei. Wuhan] advisory
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