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Heat transfer equipment

9th year
  • 2020-1-15 9:15 [Supply] Evaporator 2020-1-15 9:15
  • Overview: Scraper type thin film evaporator is a high-efficiency evaporation and distillation equipment that uses high-speed rotation to distribute liquid into a uniform thin film for evaporation or distillation.
  • Wuxi Jiawen Culture Machinery Co., Ltd. [Jiangsu. Wuxi] advisory
10th year
13th year
5th year
9th year
8th year
1st year
7th year
10th year
  • 2020-2-19 13:23 [Supply] JRF series coal-fired hot air stove 2020-2-19 13:23
  • JRF series coal-fired hot blast stove adopts high temperature resistance measures; so that its life is greatly prolonged than that of tube-type hot blast stove; and adopts the method of longitudinal flushing of fins and negative pressure smoke exhaust; no dust accumulation on heat exchange parts; ..
  • Jiangsu Sunchen Drying Technology Co., Ltd. [Jiangsu. Changzhou] advisory
6th year
  • 2020-2-19 12:28 [Supply] IK545 sootblower cable control assembly 2020-2-19 12:28
  • IK545 soot blower, because of its long elastic cable and special telescopic performance, it uses a special mechanism for its control device. IK545 cable control components are divided into left and right parts, and its main components are support, leaf spring, leaf spring pressure plate, electric
  • Jingshan Huaxinyuan Power Equipment Factory [Hubei. Jingmen] advisory
7th year
1st year
7th year
10th year
  • 2020-1-19 12:41 [Supply] Mold temperature machine 2020-1-19 12:41
  • STM series oil mold temperature controller has two types: standard and high temperature. Mainly used for heating and constant temperature of mold. In addition, it can also be applied to other areas with the same needs. This series of mold temperature ...
  • Zhongshan Xintai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. [Guangdong. Guangzhou] advisory
10th year
1st year
10th year
8th year
  • 2020-1-16 9:46 [Supply] Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger 2020-1-16 9:46
  • Spiral plate heat exchanger is a kind of high-efficiency heat exchanger equipment, suitable for steam-steam, steam-liquid, liquid-liquid, heat transfer to liquid. It is suitable for chemical, petroleum, solvent, medicine, food, light industry, textile, metallurgy, steel rolling, ...
  • Wuxi Maoda Chemical Packing Factory [Jiangsu. Wuxi] advisory
3rd year
10th year
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