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Special equipment for rubber industry

10th year
  • 2019-12-23 8:40 [Supply] Miniature Cycloidal Pinwheel Reducer 2019-12-23 8:40
  • WB series miniature cycloidal pin wheel reducer adopts high-pressure die-casting alloy housing and adopts new processing technology to improve working accuracy. The product's internal quality is better, the volume is smaller, the appearance is more beautiful, all are used.
  • Shanghai Juneng Speed Reducer Machinery Co., Ltd. [Shanghai. Shanghai] advisory
12th year
8th year
  • 2019-4-25 11:14 [Supply] Silicone tube2019-4-25 11:14
  • Changzhou Kejian Peristaltic Pump Factory is a professional manufacturer specializing in R & D and production of various specifications of peristaltic pumps, filling pumps, sewage sampling pumps, constant flow pumps, and Mono pumps, and has an experienced production and research and development. ..
  • Changzhou Kejian Peristaltic Pump Factory [Jiangsu. Changzhou] advisory
12th year
5th year
10th year
  • 2019-12-29 16:3 [Supply] Transducer 2019-12-29 16: 3
  • Product description: Ultrasonic transducer is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy (ultrasonic). Among them, the most mature and reliable device that realizes the mutual conversion of electrical energy and acoustic energy by the piezoelectric effect is called a piezoelectric transducer. it...
  • Fuyang Huihuang Ultrasound Equipment Co., Ltd. [Zhejiang. Hangzhou] advisory
  • 2019-12-29 15:1 [Supply] BB-B Cycloidal Gear Pump2019-12-29 15: 1
  • The company specializes in the production of various hydraulic components, including: CB-B series low-pressure gear oil pumps, CB-B low-pressure double gear oil pumps, LBZ vertical gear oil pump devices (Q / ZB257-77), and WBZ gear oil pumps. ..
  • Taixing Hydraulic Group (Taixing Jianfa Hydraulic Parts Factory) [Jiangsu. Taizhou] advisory
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