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Shanghai electronic platform scale, TCS-W Yingzhan electronic platform scale

Product Keywords: Electronic platform scale Yingzhan electronic platform scale Shanghai Yingzhan electronic scale Yingzhan weighing platform scale
  • Product name: Shanghai electronic platform scale, TCS-W Yingzhan electronic platform scale
  • Number of products: 20191223
  • Product trademark: EXCELL
  • Specifications: TCS-W-150kg
  • Reference price: 1200
  • Updated: 2019/12/31 16:23:33
  • Click times: 42 times
Shanghai electronic platform scale, TCS-W Yingzhan electronic platform scale
Function Description
Powerful weighing electronic platform scales for harsh industrial environments provide the highest accuracy and durability in harsh industrial environments.
Yingzhan original welding electronic platform scale pan scale and pole base mold stamping LOGO measuring instrument type approval certificate CPA: 2018F459-31
• High-speed 24bits external display accuracy up to 1 / 15,000,
(1) Short time required to reach stability from loading
(2) The speed of reaching zero point is fast from the removal of the load without residue
(3) The response speed of the zero and tare keys is fast.
• Anti-interference ability (EMS + EMI): better anti-radiation, static electricity, power input interference than old organic species
• With LED backlight function
• Large digital display screen with backlight function
• Preset weight or quantity, simple counting, weight retention, weight counting and percentage functions
• With weight accumulation, weight check (High, Low, OK), and pre-deduction functions
• With automatic correction, automatic zero tracking, dual overload protection
• With multiple unit selection function
• 15-segment filtering stable range setting function
• Quantitative warning function
• LCD can display to full deduction (weight bar: 6 digits, word height 25mm)
• Built-in battery, with low power display and automatic shutdown function
• The buttons are designed with tactile sensation, and the 3M adhesive tape is highly waterproof.
• It can be connected to AC 100 ~ 240V frequency 50/60 Hz (plug-in type), don't worry about wrong socket voltage.
• The switching power supply complies with the Level 6 standard of the DOE energy-saving regulations, which has high efficiency, low energy consumption and more power saving.
• DC: DC 6 V / 4 Ah rechargeable battery (rechargeable)
• Meter housing is made of ABS plastic steel, with long service life
• Welding scale, aluminum sensor
Weighing TCS-W-60kg (X) Max = 60kg e = 20g d = 5g
TCS-W-150kg (X) Max = 150kg e = 50g d = 10g
TCS-W-300kg (X) Max = 300kg e = 100g d = 20g
Operating temperature 0 C ~ 40 C (32 F ~ 104 F)
power supply AC 100V ~ 240V ( 10%) + DC 6V / 4AH rechargeable battery
physical dimension Gauge 276 x 170 x 136mm (W x H x D)
Weighing pan size Welding scale 400 x 500 (W x D) (60 ~ 150kg)
Welding scale 420 x 520 (W x D) (300kg)
display LCD 6 digits, word height 25mm, LED backlight
safety certificate
  • RS232: with full-duplex function, can easily read the scale data or do simple data printing
  • Relay: 3 sets of output interface
  • Bluetooth Bluetooth: Built-in antenna 10m, external antenna 60m
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