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Split type pneumatic steel strapping baler baler supplier

Product Keywords: Split steel belt baler Pneumatic baler Scaffold baler Baler supplier
  • Product name: Supplier of split pneumatic steel strapping baler
  • Product Numbers: BY-102
  • Product Trademark: Baoying
  • Specifications: KZLS-32
  • Reference price: 2000
  • Updated: 2019/12/26 9:57:04
  • Click times: 79 times

KZL-32 pneumatic tensioner parameters:

Strap material: steel belt

Use air pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.6Mpa

Specification of steel belt: (19 ~ 25 ~ 32) (0.8 ~ 1.2 ~ 1.5) mm

Tensioning speed of steel belt: 5.3m / min

Tightening force: ≥9800N

Machine weight: 4.8kg

KZS-32 pneumatic locking machine parameters using air pressure: 0.45-0.6Mpa
Specification of steel belt: (19 ~ 25 ~ 32) (0.8 ~ 1.2) mm
Lock form: Tensile strength of buckle lock part: ≥16.8KN
Machine weight: 3.2kg 19, 25, 32, 40mm steel belt width

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