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Rotary shaker, shaker

Product Keywords: rotary vibrating screen, vibrating screen, round screen machine, avalanche screen
  • Product name: rotary vibrating screen, vibrating screen
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  • Specifications: AY-400-1500
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Fine-quality shaker

AAREAL 's screening technology efficiently solves the screening problem.

In the product screening production, you may encounter various screening problems:

The screening accuracy is unsatisfactory, the screening output is not ideal, the screening equipment is inconvenient to operate, the screening equipment has a high failure rate, the screen is blocked and cannot be screened, it is too troublesome to replace the screen, the screen life is too short, and the vibration motor failure rate High ........

AAREAL 's advanced sieving technology and rich work experience can efficiently solve the sieving problems and provide customers with sieving equipment with reasonable details, excellent performance and reliability.

We fully understand the screening needs of customers, understand the physical and chemical characteristics of customers' products, and solve customers' screening problems in order to enhance the added value of customers' products.

Technical Features of AAREAL Screening Machine:

* Screening technology, reasonable detail processing, scientific mechanical distribution, and stable structure make the AAREAL vibratory screening machine perform differently.


○ New non-ball ball net cleaning device, which better solves the screen blockage and *.

AAREAL vertical vibration motor, lightweight and energy saving, free of oil for one year.

○ Advanced anti-blocking technology, strong screening continuity, and long screen life.

○ Industry-specific screening equipment, special configuration, higher efficiency.

○ Scientific power allocation and adjustable material movement trajectory to achieve the best screening purpose.

○ A variety of screen structures to meet different sieving requirements, powder and liquid can be applied.

○ The building block type structure is exquisite in design, with output of up to 5 layers and 6 granularity sections.

○ Small size, fast screen change, disassembly and assembly, convenient moving and cleaning, and convenient installation of the whole machine.

○ Low noise, fully enclosed, no dust flying, no leakage of liquid, more environmentally friendly.

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