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Box Filter Press-XM (A) Y Series

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  • Product Name: Box Filter Press-XM (A) Y Series
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  • Specifications: XM (A) Y
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I. Overview The filter press is a typical intermittent operation pressure filtration device, which is suitable for solid-liquid separation of various suspensions. Widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, light, coal washing, fuel and metallurgical industries, but also suitable for textile, printing and dyeing, leather, papermaking and other environmental wastewater treatment processes. Is an ideal solid-liquid two-phase separation equipment. Chamber filter presses include two types: ordinary type and diaphragm squeeze type. The box filter plate is changed from the feed of the plate filter plate and the corner of the filter frame. The 1/2 thickness of the plate filter frame is increased on both sides of the plate filter plate. The plate filter frame is integrated into a body, and the feed at the corner changes. For intermediate feeding, the feed holes are enlarged to avoid blockage of the feed holes, the strength of the filter plate is increased, the filtering pressure of the feed is increased, the filtering speed is accelerated, the slag is convenient, and the moisture content of the filter cake and the operating labor intensity are reduced. The box-type diaphragm squeeze plate has the same filtering function as the ordinary plate and adds the function of inflatable squeeze. That is, the ordinary box-type filter plate is changed to the middle core plate and the rubber diaphragms on both sides are compacted to form two sealed interlayers. The compressed air from the core plate The air-injection hole is injected into the sealing layer. Due to the elastic effect of the diaphragm, the filter cake that has been accumulated in the filter chamber is bulged and squeezed, and the filter cake is pressed to de-liquid again. Second, the structural characteristics and working principle of the box filter press is mainly composed of thrust plate (fixed filter plate), compaction plate (movable filter plate), head plate (matching the thrust plate), filter plate, tail plate (and pressure Tight plates are matched), beams (flat iron frames), filter media (filter cloth or filter paper, etc.), compaction devices, liquid collecting tanks, etc. (see structure and basic diagram). Among them, the filter media and the liquid collection tank are provided by the user, and can also be replaced by our factory. The box-type filter press has two types: manual compaction (small size), mechanical compaction and hydraulic compaction. Manual compaction is the screw jack pushing the compaction plate compaction; mechanical compaction is the motor with H-type reduction gearbox, the compaction plate is pushed by the frame transmission parts; hydraulic compaction is the hydraulic cylinder through the hydraulic cylinder on the frame The component pushes the pressure plate tightly. The two beams connect the thrust plate and the pressing device together to form a frame. The pressing plate and the pressing device are hinged on the frame, and a filter plate (with or without holes) is arranged in order between the thrust plate and the pressing plate. ), The head plate is matched with the thrust plate, the layer plate is matched with the compaction plate, and the filter medium is sandwiched between the two sealing surfaces of the filter plate; the compaction device pushes the compaction plate and compacts all the filter plates in the frame to reach the rated pressure After tightening, you can filter. The suspension enters each filter chamber (the space between adjacent filter plates) from the feed hole on the thrust plate. The solid particles are trapped in the filter chamber by the filter medium, and the filter passes through the medium and is discharged out of the machine through the fixed hole. The liquid from the filter press comes in two forms: open flow and under flow. The filtrate is directly discharged from the outlet of each filter plate to the outside of the machine, which is called the open-flow type. The open-flow type monitors the filtration of each filter plate and finds that the liquid in a certain filter plate is not pure, so the liquid outlet of the plate can be closed. ; If the filtrates from each filter plate are merged and discharged from a liquid outlet pipe outside the machine, it is called dark flow type. The dark flow type is used for filtering the volatile or toxic filtrate suspension. The filter press can be used to wash the filter residue according to whether it needs to be washed, and it can be divided into two forms, washable and non-washable. The washable type is called washable, otherwise it is called non-washable. There are two types of filter plates for washable filter presses. Those with openings for washing liquid inlets are called perforated filter plates (also called washing plates), and those without openings for washing liquid inlets are called non-porous filters. Plate (also called non-wash plate). The washable filter press is divided into one-way washing and two-way washing. One-way washing is a combination of a porous filter plate and a non-porous filter plate. The two-way washing filter plates are porous filter plates, but two adjacent The wash holes of a filter plate should be staggered and cannot pass through the washing solution at the same time. Diaphragm squeezing type: Squeezing and squeezing after filtering can effectively improve the solidification rate of the filter cake, especially for de-liquid mixtures with a solid content rate of more than 40%, which is the best separation equipment, which is generally better than ordinary box type Improve the solid content of 25% -30%. Technical characteristics 1. Model description format: XMAYX1 / X2-XBK X means: box filter press M and A means: liquid discharge method (M open flow, A dark flow) Y means: compaction type (S manual type , J mechanical type, Y hydraulic type) X1 means: filter area (m2) X2 means: filter plate dimensions (mm) X means: filter plate material (U plastic plate, G rubber diaphragm plate) B and K means: washing form (B is not washable, K is washable) 2. Main technical parameters (click each model below to enter for detailed parameters) XMAS15 ~ 25 / 650-UBK box filter press XMAJ15 ~ 25 / 650-UBK box filter XMAY15 ~ 25 / 650-UBK Box Filter Press XMAJ30 ~ 60 / 800-UBK Box Filter Press XMAY30 ~ 60 / 800-UBK Box Filter Press XMAY60 ~ 90 / 930-UBK Box Filter Press XMAY80 ~ 120 / 1000-UBK box filter press XMAY120 ~ 250 / 1250-UBK box filter press XMAY250 ~ 600 / 1600-UBK box filter press

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