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The first opportunity of the chemical machinery business platform is reserved for distinguished people only

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China Chemical Machinery News: As a commercial and e-commerce website for the chemical machinery industry, China Chemical Machinery has long been committed to promoting economic construction and providing electronic trading services for enterprises. As a VIP member, Changzhou Rongfa Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. has received orders one by one, and its website ranks high, attracting the attention of the public and seizing market opportunities.

Since Changzhou Rongfa Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. has become a VIP member of China Chemical Machinery Network, it has unique logos of business members behind each piece of information on business opportunities, product displays, and enterprise libraries. trust.

In addition, China Chemical Machinery Network VIP member advantages:

VIP member: 3980 yuan / year (only available for single-year purchase) enjoy * all members services
◆ According to the industry of the user's product, in the column of recommended products of high-quality suppliers, display 1 product, valid for 6 months;
◆ Provide 3 keywords ranking 1-3 in the search results of business opportunities or product display of China Chemical Machinery Network, valid for 6 months.
◆ Courier service: According to the industry and product your company belongs to, our professionals collect more business-worthy industry information and send it to you by email or SMS from time to time
◆ Secretarial service: If you do not find the information you need online, just dial 400-667-8871 and we will do our best to serve you.

China Chemical Machinery Network * Member Advantage

◆ Choose exquisite websites with different styles to fully display product and service information, and provide independent third-level domain names (such as: abc.b2b.z-han.com)
◆ Distinguished Logo: The unique logo of the business member of this site is behind every information of business opportunity, product display, and enterprise library, which makes it easier to gain customer trust and better online trade;
◆ Exclusive opportunities: more information is released, the company ranks higher, and priority is given to buying opportunities and more updated customer information;
◆ Provide China Chemical Machinery Network integrity index to help users judge supplier qualification;
◆ Postal delivery: We regularly mail your corporate information to buyers in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other industries across the country;
◆ National Tour: We will participate in professional exhibitions in the industry every year, and will carry your corporate information to more direct users, so that you can travel throughout the country without leaving home.
◆ Advertising benefits: If you are a member of China Chemical Machinery Network *, you can enjoy 15% discount when doing other business, such as image ads, text recommendations, etc .;
◆ Regular return visits: regular telephone return visits to you to listen to your valuable opinions.

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