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Shanghai Petrochemical Poly DCPD New Material Development Breakthrough

Release time: 2019/12/27 12:45:10 Clicks: 1201
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Recently, Shanghai Petrochemical's "Development of Process Software Package for Poly DCPD New Material Production Device" project passed the technical review by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China Petrochemical. This project identified a reasonable process route for the preparation of hydrogenated petroleum resins using dicyclopentadiene as a raw material, completed a pilot test study of continuous production, and applied for 22 applications in continuous polymerization, raw material pretreatment, and hydrogenation catalysts. Patents have formed related technologies with independent intellectual property rights and international *.

It is understood that Shanghai Petrochemical has completed the small-scale test of the project from 2011 to 2013. Since 2015, it has completed the preparation of the project construction report and the feasibility report, the design and transformation of the pilot plant site, and the installation and commissioning of the three main equipments. The trial run of polymerization, hydrogenation and post-treatment was completed and the whole process was opened. By the end of 2018, through continuous and stable operation, 100 kg of DCPD hydrogenated resin with a color number of 0 was obtained, and all performance indicators reached the standards of imported products.

DCPD hydrogenated resin is a high-end product in the petroleum resin industry. Compared with other hydrogenated resins, it has the advantages of high softening point, light color, good stability and better adhesion. It is especially suitable for the field of disposable sanitary materials, such as Food packaging supplies, pressure sensitive tapes, paper diapers, sanitary napkins, etc.

Next, Shanghai Petrochemical will rationally utilize and balance resources, continuously extend the C5 product chain, increase product added value, actively promote the transformation and application of the results of independent science and technology projects, and accelerate the exploration of the development of fine chemical industry. (Huang Yong Gao Weihong)

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