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Anthraquinone hydrogen peroxide technology in slurry bed passed identification

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On December 5th, Sinopec's "Ten Dragons" scientific and technological research project jointly undertaken by 6 units of China Petrochemical Academy of Sciences, Baling Petrochemical, Qingdao Institute of Technology, Shijiazhuang Refinery, Shanghai Engineering Company and Tianjin University The "Complete Technology of Anthraquinone Hydrogen Peroxide in Slurry Bed" completed the key task and passed the technical identification.

The project team independently developed the first set of domestic anthraquinone hydrogen peroxide technology in slurry bed. Using this technology, a 20,000-ton / year industrial demonstration device was built in Baling Petrochemical, and it was successfully driven at one time. It has innovation and independent intellectual property rights. International technology *.

China's hydrogen peroxide production capacity accounts for nearly half of the world's total production capacity, but its production technology lags behind abroad. In recent years, with the development and application of green production technologies such as caprolactam and propylene oxide, domestic hydrogen peroxide production technology cannot meet the requirements for large-scale installations. In order to break the foreign monopoly, since 2012, the project team has carried out innovative development and repeated optimization from multiple aspects such as catalysts, working fluids, processes, key equipment, etc., and successfully developed efficient anthraquinone hydrogenation microsphere catalysts and high-capacity anthraquinone work. Liquid, developed high-efficiency slurry-bed reactors, automatic backwashing high-throughput filters, new oxidation-enhanced mass transfer internal components and other key equipment, forming a slurry-bed anthraquinone hydrogen peroxide technology. The successful development of this technology will effectively help the development of China's downstream green chemical and environmental protection industries.

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