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Large rubber-plastic 300,000-350,000 tons / year large continuous mixing extrusion granulation unit passed fruit identification

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On December 9th, Dalian Rubber Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. developed a large-scale continuous mixing extrusion granulation unit with an annual output of 300,000 to 350,000 tons, which passed the R & D and application results appraisal organized by the China Machinery Industry Federation in Beijing.

The appraisal committee is composed of 14 people from China General Machinery Industry Association, China Plastic Machinery Industry Association, South China University of Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Petrochemical Design Institute and users. At the meeting, the appraisal committee listened to the project team's technical summary report, new report, field test report, user usage and other reports, consulted relevant technical documents, and after inquiries, questions and discussions, the appraisal committee agreed that "the results are autonomous Intellectual property rights have broken foreign technology blockades and market monopolies, and the overall technology has reached international levels *. Among them, dual-supported rotor continuous mixing, underwater pelletizing and other technologies rank internationally *; the results have significant economic and social benefits. "

Over the years, Sinopec Group Corporation has given great attention and support to the domestication of large-scale extrusion granulation units. It is precisely Sinopec Group Corporation that dares to make first and bold decisions and provides a platform for the national major equipment domestic manufacturing. Started the localization project of large-scale extrusion granulation unit, and finally the large rubber and plastic lived up to the trust of Sinopec Group Company, successfully developed the first domestically produced 200,000 tons / year polypropylene large-scale extrusion granulation unit, completely breaking the foreign monopoly To promote China's large-scale ethylene equipment manufacturing level to enter the international advanced ranks.

The unit passed the appraisal is currently the largest domestic large-scale polyethylene large-scale extrusion granulation unit. During the development process, it overcomes the rotor's anti-alternating load, the bearing melt self-lubrication, and the processing of large and complex-shaped rotors and barrels. , Surface strengthening and heat treatment, and other technical and technological problems. Developed intelligent control systems such as online monitoring, fault diagnosis, predictive maintenance and one-button start-up, which provide technical guarantee for long-term stable operation of the unit. The unit has won 17 invention patents and 12 utility model patents; 2 national standards and 2 industry standards have been formulated.

Since October 2016, this type of unit has been put into use in the polyolefin plant of Zhongtian Hechuang Ordos Coal Deep Processing Demonstration Project and the coal-to-olefins plant in the Zhongan United Coal Chemical Project, achieving long-term stable operation. After field testing, The main technical indicators such as production capacity, energy consumption, and vibration fully meet the design requirements, can effectively replace imported products, solve the "neck neck" problem of large-scale petrochemical key equipment, improve the development capacity and level of large-scale ethylene equipment in China, and promote the development of domestic related industries. It is of great significance to promote the optimization and adjustment of China's petrochemical industry structure.

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