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Xiamen Jingchuan also brings you an application case of steam flowmeters in one side of the printing and dyeing plant

Source: Xiamen Jingchuan Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Release time: 2019/12/20 10:31:17 Click times: 380

Xiamen Jingchuan also brings you an application case of steam flowmeters in one side of the printing and dyeing plant


Printing and dyeing process:

Introduction of fabric dyeing and finishing process. The choice of fabric dyeing and finishing process is mainly divided into pretreatment, dyeing, printing, finishing, etc. according to the variety, specifications and finished product requirements of the fabric.

Fabric pre-treatment

Natural fibers all contain impurities, and various pulps, oils, and contaminated dirt are added during the textile processing. The presence of these impurities not only hinders the smooth progress of dyeing and finishing, but also affects the wearability of the fabric.

The purpose of pretreatment is to apply chemical and physical mechanical effects to remove impurities on the fabric, make the fabric white and soft, and have good penetration properties to meet the requirements of taking, and provide qualified semi-finished products for dyeing, printing, and finishing.

Cotton: raw cloth preparation, scorching, desizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerizing.

Polyester: grey cloth preparation, refining (liquid alkali, etc.), pre-shrinking, predetermined shape, alkali reduction (liquid alkali, etc.).

Singe of fabric

Generally, after entering a printing and dyeing factory from a textile mill, the grey fabric should first be inspected, turned, batched, printed, and stitched, and then sintered.

① There is too much fluff on the unburned cloth and the length varies;

② Poor smoothness, easy to stain;

③ Easy to lose hair during subsequent dyeing and finishing, resulting in printing and dyeing defects.

Singeing purpose

①Improve the gloss of the cloth surface; improve the finish;

②Improve anti-pilling performance (especially chemical fiber fabric);

③ Improve the style. Singing will make the fabric stiff and sturdy.

Desizing of fabric

During the weaving process, warp yarns are subject to greater tension and friction, and are prone to breakage. In order to reduce warp, improve weaving efficiency and grey fabric quality, warp yarns need to be sizing treated before weaving. The fibers in the yarn are cohesive and cohesive, and a firm sizing film is formed on the surface of the yarn to make the yarn compact and tight. Smooth, thereby increasing the breaking strength and abrasion resistance of the yarn.

Desizing purpose: After sizing, the slurry penetrates between the fibers and partially adheres to the surface of the warp yarn. While improving the yarn performance, the slurry contaminates the dyeing and finishing processing fluid, hinders the chemical action between the fiber and the dyeing material, and makes the dyeing Finishing is difficult.

业务情况: 3. Business situation:

    Speaking of the printing and dyeing plant's steam flow meter, Xiamen Jingchuan has to be mentioned here. Our company has been operating in the printing and dyeing plant industry for many years and has accumulated rich experience in steam measurement. Users are located in major printing and dyeing industry areas such as Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shandong. It has been recognized by industry customers many times, and it is our aim to make good products and serve customers well. This time the customer is an old user of our company and has been cooperating for many years. I also thank the customer for their trust and support! DN40-DN100mm 为主,客户需要了解每台设备的蒸汽用量情况,控制生产成本。 The customers also learned from the industry that Xiamen Jingchuan used a large amount of steam flowmeters in the printing and dyeing industry. In addition, many factories in the surrounding areas knew each other and introduced each other. Customers were very satisfied with our products. The steam flowmeter is mainly used in printing and dyeing. On the factory setting machine, the temperature and pressure are mainly medium and low pressure, and the pipe diameter is mainly from DN40-DN100mm . Customers need to understand the steam consumption of each device to control the production cost. Let ’s take a look at the report sent back from the site (Xiamen Jingchuan brings you an application case of the steam flow meter on the printing and dyeing plant side):


Customer printing and dyeing factory site


新型定型机安装厦门精川蒸汽流量计 Xiamen Jingchuan steam flow meter installed in new dyeing factory setting machine


Highly stable operation of printing and dyeing plant steam flow meter


Years of steam metering experience in the printing and dyeing industry

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