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Loved! Puchuan Technology's PI150 series has won the national appearance patent: palm-sized design!

Source: Puchuan Technology Co., Ltd. Release time: 2019/12/17 8:56:42 Click times: 489

Approved by the State Intellectual Property Office, Puchuan Technology won the design patent for its PI150 series inverter.

Great design

The PI150 series is a new generation of compact inverter products developed and produced by Puchuan Technology. The products are manufactured with innovative technology and craftsmanship. They are small power inverters developed for the needs of the mechanical supporting market. more reliable. The high-tension high-grade gray can be retracted and retracted freely in a compact structure, which is mutually reinforcing with the terminals and the keyboard.

The PI150 series supports a variety of installation methods, which can be installed side by side without the need to reserve space, greatly reducing the control cabinet of the machine; screw installation, flexible and variable; rail installation, fast and convenient. Small size, simple operation, built-in RS232 / RS485 communication protocol.

Fruitful innovation

In the past two years, under the situation of serious product homogeneity in the industry, as a well-known inverter brand in China, in addition to the product upgrades and technological innovations that attracted the attention of the industry, its product design has also won patent awards, Market recognition. This is also inseparable from Puchuan Technology's emphasis on product development and its insistence on seizing the terminal market with independent innovative product design.

More achievements, stay tuned

It's hard to walk without miles. Each recognition is the driving force for the advancement of Puchuan Technology. I believe that Puchuan Technology will have more products to win in the future and the strength of independent innovation will be further improved!

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