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Sunac Automation cooperates with Xiamen Water Zhonghuan Sewage Treatment Group for DN800 large-diameter sewage flowmeter

Source: Xiamen Rongchuang Automation Technology Co., Ltd.Release time: 2019/12/16 16:29:22 Click times: 599

On December 13, the company's Xiamen Rongchuang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. went to a sewage pumping station in Xiamen to install and debug a sewage flow meter. This is a recent project of our company. It is a case of collecting black and odorous water from urban sewage.

To fight the battle against the black and odorous water in cities, we must speed up the shortcomings of urban sewage collection and treatment facilities, and achieve full coverage, collection and treatment of sewage pipeline networks as soon as possible. We know that the sewage collected by the urban sewage interception network pipe is relatively wide and is far from the sewage treatment plant. The sewage pipe is not like a water pipe. It is pressureless and completely depends on the gravity of the sewage itself. At this time, A pumping station is set up in the city's sewage pipeline system to raise the elevation of the sewage so that it can be smoothly discharged into the sewage treatment plant. In order to manage the whole process of sewage pipe network collection, a sewage flow meter is generally installed in the pipe network (generally, it is chosen to be installed in a sewage pumping station for easy maintenance), which is used to monitor the collection of sewage. The profitability of the sewage treatment plant is linked. On the other hand, it can also monitor whether leakage occurs in the pipe network or the interception area, and clarify the responsibility. Today's case is that Sunac's large-diameter DN800 electromagnetic flowmeter was installed in a pumping station in Xiamen's sewage pipe network system.

Recently, the company received a call from an old customer asking about the DN800 electromagnetic flowmeter for measuring the flow rate of sewage, saying that it would be installed in the lift pump station of the sewage pipe network in Xiamen. In 2018, we have cooperated with this unit on a sewage flow meter with a diameter of DN600, and it has also been installed in a sewage pumping station in Xiamen. This time, they are still the installation engineering company of Xiamen Water Middle Ring Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. who came to our Sunac Automation to purchase a sewage flow meter, which will be installed in another lift pump station. Has a good cooperative relationship, so this cooperation is also a natural success, the two sides quickly reached a cooperation agreement, and we will soon supply as scheduled. Below is a photo taken by our Sunac staff at the scene for everyone to enjoy:

Sunac DN800 pipe diameter electromagnetic flowmeter installed at customer site

After field test and comparison, customers are very satisfied with the measurement results

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