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Guangzhou VOC online monitoring system for pollution sources was successfully installed

Source: Shenzhen Biye Qianli Technology Co., Ltd. Release time: 2019/12/14 9:26:05 Clicks: 800

Guangzhou plant boundary VOCs online early warning monitoring installation was successfully delivered. Unit: Guangzhou Jiazhou Copper Clad Laminated Co., Ltd. System configuration: VOC fixed pollution source online monitoring system (floor-mounted large chassis wheels fixed, pre-processing system, electronic condensation device). platform

Shenzhen Biye Qianli Technology Co., Ltd. 24-hour service hotline: 18306691632 (same number on WeChat)

Product background introduction: VOC pollution source online monitoring system exceeds the standard and automatically alarms

In recent years, as air pollution has become more and more serious, smog has become a high-frequency word for discussion among people after a meal. VOCs (volatile organic compounds, volatile organic compounds) are one of the haze component particles.

According to the calculation of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, China, as a large manufacturing country in the world, emits more than 30 million tons of VOCs every year, ranking first in the world, and the anthropogenic source VOCs emissions show a rapid growth trend. Big. International experience shows that controlling VOCs emissions is an effective measure to reduce haze and photochemical smog pollution.

In view of the fact that the anthropogenic emissions of domestic VOCs are higher than natural sources, and are mainly concentrated in economically developed and densely populated areas, and the composition of anthropogenic sources of VOCs pollution is complex, which not only affects the atmospheric environment, but also directly or potentially harms human health, The monitoring and management of anthropogenic VOCs in China is imminent. Controlling the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is one of the effective means to reduce PM2.5, reduce haze weather and photochemical smog pollution, and improve the quality of regional urban atmospheric environment.

Product introduction

VOCs online alarm monitoring system is applied to VOC gas concentration detection and VOC gas concentration exceeding the standard alarm. It can * detect VOC gas concentration and display the real-time concentration value of VOC gas in the field, exceeding the standard sound and light alarm. It adopts wireless monitoring technology, grids and fine points Comprehensive monitoring of air pollution around the clock, realizing comprehensive coverage of air pollution monitoring factors in the region, standard signal output, with the advantages of stable signal, high sensitivity and high precision. The flameproof wiring method is suitable for the trend or interval of VOC concentration in ambient air and ambient gas. The monitoring of fugitive emissions or the presence of significant abnormal concentrations in open areas is mainly used for early warning of leaks, environmental monitoring, and monitoring of pollution emissions at the factory boundary.


(1) Explosion-proof, lightning-proof, anti-static, anti-reverse design, anti-EMI, EMC electromagnetic interference, anti-pulse surge current impact;

(2) Complied with the new national standard of Zui and obtained CPA measuring instrument type evaluation, explosion-proof certification and other qualifications, CCEP environmental protection certification;

(3) High system integration, small size and easy installation;

(4) Multi-stage pretreatment to reduce environmental interference;

(5) Automatically store data, the storage interval can be customized;

(6) Large LCD display, touch operation;

(7) Multi-stage pretreatment to extend equipment life;

(8) Built-in high-power suction pump for wider monitoring range;

(9) Display the real-time data curve wireless output transmission unit (DTU), the data can be linked with the Environmental Protection Agency;

4. Working principle: The VOC pollution source online monitoring system automatically alarms when it exceeds the standard.

(1) Three-wire system or four-wire system 4-20mA standard signal output, voltage output, two groups of relay switching values;

(2) It also has standard RS485 output (RTU format), and sound and light alarm on site;

(3) Optional wired transmission, LAN, Internet, wireless transmission (2 km, 5 km, unlimited distance), wireless transmission

433, GPRS, WIFI, other methods are available;

(4) The standard infrared remote control can be operated without opening the cover in dangerous situations. The remote control distance is 15 meters, which is simple and practical;

(5) It can communicate with the computer, monitor the concentration of the field probe in real time through the host computer on the computer, and store it on the computer.

Analyze and print data;

(6) The units can be switched to each other, automatically tracking the zero point to prevent drift, and multi-level calibration. Support for OEM or ODM custom services.

(7) Detection principle: high precision PID photoion (or electrochemical principle)

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