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Haiming 2020 Henan Machine Tool Industry Exchange Conference was successfully held

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On January 9, 2020, Haiming 2020 Henan Machine Tool Industry Exchange Conference was successfully held at Zhengzhou Dahe Jinyue Hotel. The meeting invited Henan Provincial Industry and Information Technology Office, China Machine Tool and Tools Association, Automobile Association, Sixth Academy of Machinery, well-known machine tool enterprises, and benchmark users. Nearly 300 people from the company gathered in Zhengzhou to share and exchange information on the current industrial economic development in Henan, equipment manufacturing, the situation of the machine tool and automobile industry, industry application cases, and production needs. Looking forward to 2020, talk about the future development of the industry!

Machine tools are industrial master machines. In the new round of competition, where will the development of the machine tool industry go, and where the way for enterprises to win is a topic of concern to the industry. Haiming takes root in Henan, and deeply cultivates the industrial market in the central and western regions, closely following the pulse of the central manufacturing era and the needs of enterprise development. Haiming holds industry exchange events at the end of each year to learn from each other, exchange with each other, share successful experiences, and promote the development of the industry. This year is the fifth session. The theme is "looking forward to 2020, opening a new chapter" and looking for equipment. The development of manufacturing and machine tool industry in the new era.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Xiao Kuixian, the Managing Director of Zhengzhou Haiming Huibo Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. gave a welcome speech. This year, we "turned to zero"-from the thousand-person conference last year to the subdivision of industries and industries this year, hosting, co-organizing and participating Automation, machine tools, hardware, labor insurance, water pumps, logistics, catering, baking and other industries 21 industry exchange meetings, combining market demand, linking industry resources in various industries, to bring more thinking and changes to the industry's development and changes. influences! At the same time, keeping up with the development of the times, I hope that whether it is the current conference, the June exhibition and the big data center and online communication platform currently being established, I hope to provide everyone with more opportunities to understand the industry situation and bring more Value, promote the development of the industry.

The conference sincerely invites: Tu Jingxian, Director of the Marketing Department of China Machine Tool and Tool Industry Association, Director Li Kaizhao of the Economic Operation Inspection Bureau of Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Li Jinbao, Deputy Secretary General of Henan Automobile Industry Association, and Sixth Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. Chi Zhongde, Vice President of the Intelligent Manufacturing and Logistics Institute, shared and exchanged topics around the current development status of the machine tool and its upstream and downstream user industries, and the development of industrial economic operation in Henan Province, and provided certain solutions. At present, the machine tool industry and even the entire equipment The manufacturing industry is facing the challenge of a new round of industrial revolution. The machine tool industry will embark on a new transformation and development path empowered by "smart" and "green"!

Mr. Tu Jingxian, Director of the Marketing Department of China Machine Tool Industry Association, shared the theme of "2019 Situation of China's Machine Tool Industry and Pre-judgment of Machine Tool Industry in 2020". Under the influence of the industrial environment and market demand, the development of China's industrial manufacturing industry tends to slow down year-on-year. The automotive industry accounts for 40% of the downstream users of the machine tool industry, which directly affects the development of the entire machine tool industry. As of October 2019, there are a total of 5,639 companies in China's machine tool industry regulation, involving 8 sub-sectors, affected by factors such as the global economic slowdown of Sino-U.S. Trade frictions, industrial structure reforms, and years of cumulative contradictions in the industry. The global machine tool industry's economic indicators are in a downward trend year-on-year, but the performance of each segment is different! In 2020, the state will vigorously optimize the business environment and reduce taxes and fees. Except for the automotive industry, the downstream users of the machine tool industry are in a growth trend, and China ’s per capita car ownership is low, and the decline in the automotive industry will also slow down. The economic development of the machine tool industry is expected to stop falling in 2020!

In contrast, Henan, first of all, the Henan automotive industry is different from other regions. The Henan automotive industry uses passenger cars, passenger cars, special vehicles, new energy vehicles, auto parts, and high-tech enterprises to complete the industrial chain. Yutong Bus * Global, auto parts industry It ranks at the forefront of the country and is larger than the entire vehicle industry; secondly, Henan machine tool downstream user companies are not the only auto companies, and other user industries exist comprehensively, and the market prospects of Henan and Central China are promising!

Director Li Kaizhao, Director of Economic Operation Monitoring Bureau of Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, shared the theme of "Analysis and Prospect of Industrial Economic Operation Situation in Henan Province". He said that Henan is in a critical period of moving from a large industrial province to a strong industrial province. The main manifestations are: the growing industrial scale, the continuous optimization of the industrial structure, the significant increase in the strength of enterprises, the significant increase in development vitality, and the continued integration of the two industries.

Li Bureau said that Henan's intelligent equipment industry has obvious advantages in development. "In 2019, Henan's industrial economy maintained a generally stable development trend and achieved" fast growth on a high base. "From January to November, the province's value-added industries increased by 7.9% year-on-year, 2.3 percentage points higher than the country's growth rate. Ranked 6th in the country and 1st in 5 major industrial provinces. Among them, leading industries such as equipment manufacturing, electronic information, and new materials maintained a rapid growth trend, with growth rates of 18.2%, 13.7%, and 13.7% respectively. The province's key support Strategic emerging industries and high-tech industries will grow by 13.7% and 16.2% year-on-year. In 2020, the added value of industrial enterprises above designated size in the province is expected to increase by about 7.5%. "

At the meeting, Li Kaizhao also said that Henan Province has introduced a series of policies and measures and financial support to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and improve quality and efficiency. Different policies and capital subsidies are provided for intelligent transformation, green transformation and technological transformation of enterprises. At the same time, Li Bureau said that it will organize manufacturing user companies to conduct procurement docking at the Zhengzhou Industry Fair on June 3-6!

With related policies:

"Notice of Made in China 2025 Henan Platform for Action"

"Notice of Henan Province's Several Fiscal Policies to Support Transformation and Development"

"Notice of Henan Province on Several Policies to Support the Development of Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Internet"

"Notice of Henan Province Coal Mine Intelligent Construction Implementation Plan"

Li Jinbao, deputy secretary general of Henan Automobile Industry Association, shared the theme of "the current status and prospects of the development of the automobile industry". As one of the main sales channels of the machine tool industry, the automobile industry has affected the ups and downs of the machine tool market. In recent years, global automotive production and sales have generally remained stable in recent years. China has become the center of global automotive industry production, accounting for about 29% of market production. Global automotive technology and R & D are being strongly transferred to China. In 2020, the annual production and sales of new energy vehicles will reach 2 million. At present, there are several major development trends in the automotive industry: First, sales of low-end vehicles are declining, and high-end vehicle series have maintained steady growth; second, new energy vehicles have become a development trend; third, global procurement of auto parts has become a trend; Secretary General Li predicts: It will inevitably lead to the elimination and upgrading of the automotive industry. To survive and develop in the industry, companies need to improve processing technology and introduce high-precision machine tools.

As one of the five leading industries in Henan: the automobile industry has formed a variety of scientific research and development and production and manufacturing systems for passenger cars, SUVs, MPVs, cars, trucks, special vehicles, minibuses, etc., steering gears, shock absorbers , Transmission shafts, water pumps, cylinder liners, camshafts, wiring harnesses, power batteries and other 10 kinds of parts and components products rank among the top in the country, and have become the supplier of many multinational companies.

Chi Zhongde, Deputy Dean of Intelligent Manufacturing and Logistics Institute of the Sixth Design & Research Institute of Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. shared the theme of "Green Intelligent Machine Tool Manufacturing Enterprise Construction and Management". First of all, a detailed interpretation of the green smart factory, from the concept, characteristics, framework system of the smart factory, and the relationship between green manufacturing and smart manufacturing, explain the new model of smart manufacturing, and show that the construction of smart factories must be lean The starting point for improvement is the concept of implementation of equipment tools, technical measures, data resources, and employee capabilities; and then from the current situation faced by machine tool manufacturing companies, and applying green smart machine tool manufacturing companies' practical application cases to help us build a green smart factory!

* Later, Ms. Liu Huifang, project manager of Zhengzhou Haiming Convention and Exhibition Machine Tool Show, reported to the guests on the value of the exhibition under the thinking of mobile Internet, the preparation of 2020 Zhengzhou Industry Fair and Machine Tool Show, and the value of upgrading.

Manager Liu explained in detail the planning and current situation of the 16th Zhengzhou Industry Fair and Machine Tool Show, and said that this year's exhibition site visitors are expected to reach 60,000 visitors, continue to cultivate user and market demand, online and offline matrix marketing, and create exhibitors Strong relationship network with professional audiences to expand the scope of professional audience invitations. Regions, industries, well-known companies, purchasing decision-makers and buyers with clear purchasing intentions will make precise one-on-one invitations, which will be accurately matched throughout the year, focusing on various cities in Henan. , As well as Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi, Anhui, Shanxi, Hubei and other central and western provinces with strong industrial momentum, to ensure the effectiveness of the exhibition, and this year to improve the organization, management and operation of the exhibition, introduce more advanced exhibition management concepts and Internationalized exhibition ideas provide exhibitors and visitors with a full range of services before, during and after the exhibition, and create efficient and high-quality exhibitions.

Haiming Convention and Exhibition has nearly 20 years of exhibition hosting experience. There are more than 60 exhibitions in eight fields. Zhengzhou Haiming has been based in Henan for more than ten years as an industry chain comprehensive service organization for exhibition hosting, conference event planning, data, and media. Manufacturing, hardware and electronics, logistics, baking, high-end beverages, catering supply chain, environmental protection and other theme series, and cooperated with internationally renowned exhibition organizations to successfully create 2 brand exhibitions, 3 key exhibitions, 2 UFI certification exhibitions.

During the banquet, professionals from the machine tool industry and its downstream user industry gathered together, toasted in the cheers and jokes of the wonderful program, and looked forward to 2020 to welcome a new round of market together.

We are all celebrities. In order to make our customers' business more convenient, we look forward to 2020 and make progress together! Start a new chapter!

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