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2020 China Sichuan Environmental Protection Expo Holds High-Speed Trains in Environmental Protection Industry

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A few days ago, the Environmental Planning Institute of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (Professional Committee of Environmental Protection Industry Policy and Concentration Zone of the Industry Association) released the "China Environmental Protection Industry Analysis Report (2019)". The report shows that the operating income of the national environmental protection industry in 2018 was approximately 1.600 billion yuan, an increase of approximately 18.2% over 2017, of which the operating income of environmental services was approximately 909 billion yuan, an increase of approximately 20.4% year-on-year. And it is predicted that the total operating income of China's environmental protection industry in 2020 is expected to exceed 2.1 trillion yuan, an increase of 0.1 trillion yuan over the previous year's forecast.

The environmental protection industry market has been rapidly released, the industry scale has grown rapidly, and the competitiveness of the industry has continued to increase. Air pollution prevention, water pollution prevention, soil remediation, solid waste pollution prevention, and environmental monitoring have also become key areas of focus for governments and enterprises. The environmental protection industry in China has and will continue to generate huge development opportunities.

The 2020 China Sichuan Environmental Protection Expo was held at Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center on May 14-16, 2020. The exhibition centered on the industrial centers of southwestern regions such as Sichuan, Chongqing and Sichuan. A series of major development opportunities such as the economic zone and the important connection points of the Belt and Road Initiative have played a role in promoting the development of environmental protection industries in Sichuan and Chengdu.

Authoritative organizations helped to create a high-standard exhibition 2020 China Sichuan Environmental Protection Expo in Sichuan Province Energy Conservation Association, Sichuan Province Ecological Civilization Promotion Association, Sichuan New Energy Industry Promotion Association, Sichuan Water Pollution Treatment Service Association, Sichuan Renewable Resources Industry Association, Guangdong With the support of industry authoritative organizations such as the Provincial Water Treatment Technology Association, the Sichuan Paper Industry Association, the Sichuan Pharmaceutical Industry Association, the Sichuan Chemical Industry Association, the Chengdu Environmental Protection Industry Association, and the Chengdu Electronics Industry Association, they can integrate the industry's superior resources and improve The industrial agglomeration effect and the application of innovative environmental protection technologies in various industries have injected new energy, new opportunities and new vitality into the industry.

The exhibits are subdivided vertically to cover the entire environmental protection industry chain. <br /> The exhibition focuses on water environment treatment, atmospheric treatment, solid waste treatment and disposal, soil remediation, and environmental monitoring. In the ten major fields of ecological restoration, green and low carbon, and environmental services, more than 10,000 exhibits will be exhibited at the Sichuan Environmental Protection Expo site.

The exhibition attracted 550+ well-known brand companies from all over the country and overseas, such as Zhejiang Jiake, Qunfeng Machinery, Shanjia Environmental Protection, Chengdu Huantou, Dongbang Machinery, Bishui Water, Huanke Meineng, Longfa Technology, Ruide Environmental Protection , Chuanyuan Machinery, Dechuang Technology, Kodir, Nanyuan Pump Industry, Bomei Environment, Wangyu Environmental Protection, Concentrating Technology, Hezhong Fan, Zhongke Shuangxin, Aoheng Environmental Protection, Hengfeng Refining, etc. With the strong entry of state-owned enterprise capital into the field of environmental protection, more high-quality enterprises and innovative technologies will also emerge. Enterprises will bring their * new products and * developed * new technologies to gather in Chengdu, Sichuan, and provide environmental solutions for the development of the western region. Help improve the quality and efficiency of the environmental protection industry in the west.

After 20 years of accumulation, Sichuan Environmental Protection Expo has become the benchmark environmental protection event in the western region. <br /> With the theme of “Innovation Wins the Future • Green Development”, Sichuan Environmental Protection Expo responds to the country ’s high attention to the environmental protection industry. Innovation, technology, green, development and other elements are injected into the exhibition, integrating the upstream and downstream industry chains, and creating a benchmarking environmental protection event for western enterprises. During the exhibition, 20+ high-end forum summits will be held, focusing on topics such as water pollution prevention, VOCs emission reduction and comprehensive treatment, construction waste treatment and utilization, solid waste management, soil safety treatment, environmental monitoring and services, etc. Policies, discuss industry hotspots, release and analyze cutting-edge technologies, and share * cases.

Relying on the exhibition organizing committee's 20 years of exhibition experience and industry accumulation, the 2020 Sichuan Environmental Protection Expo invites environmental monitoring stations, environmental science institutes, solid waste centers, waste treatment plants, waste power plants, sanitation companies, water companies, sewage plants , Water investment companies, environmental investment companies, and from oil, natural gas, chemical, power, biopharmaceuticals, electronics, coatings, printing and dyeing, electroplating, surface treatment, slaughtering, breeding, sugar production, food, beverages, winemaking, papermaking, steel, End users with environmental protection needs, such as metallurgy, cement, glass, coal, mining, and equipment manufacturing, provide environmental solutions for various industries, and also achieve a win-win situation for brand promotion and trade cooperation for exhibitors.

The 2020 China Sichuan Environmental Protection Expo will be held in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 14-16, 2020. It has an exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, 550+ exhibitors, and 20+ summit forums. Through exhibition display, technology discussion, Investment negotiation, industry activities, and other forms have established a brand-new cooperation and exchange platform for the environmental protection industry in politics, industry, academia, research, and use. Let us go hand in hand to build beautiful Sichuan and beautiful China!

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