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Helping China's biopharmaceuticals flourish, 2020 Shanghai Fermentation Exhibition is poised for growth

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In recent years, with the market's growing demand for biomedicine and the country's increasing emphasis on the research and development of bio-innovative medicines, the scale of China's biopharmaceutical industry is growing at a rapid pace and has become a national strategic emerging industry. According to the "2016-2020 China Pharmaceutical Industry Investment Strategy Research and Consulting Report" issued by the China Commercial Industry Research Institute, the size of China's biopharmaceutical market will reach 853.2 billion yuan, with a compound growth rate of 18.1%.

853.2 billion yuan, biopharmaceutical industry has become a hot spot

In the past five years, the country's major scientific and technological programs have invested about 60 billion yuan in the field of life sciences. In this environment, China's biotechnology has not only developed rapidly, but its industrial scale has also grown. In 2018, the market size of China's biopharmaceutical industry has exceeded 350 billion yuan, and a total of 9 Class 1 new drugs independently researched and approved have been approved for listing, which is a record year for the number of Class 1 new drugs approved in China. As of November 2018, the main business income of pharmaceutical industry enterprises above a certain size in China was nearly 2.6 trillion yuan, an increase of 12.7% year-on-year, and a profit of 336.45 billion yuan. It can be seen that the future of the biopharmaceutical market is promising and the growth space is huge *.

In fact, the research and development of biotechnology drugs in China started relatively late, and it was not until the early years that the recombination technology began to be applied to medicine. However, in recent years, a series of high-frequency policies and market environment of the country have promoted multiple benefits. The pharmaceutical industry is embracing huge development opportunities. However, opportunities often coexist with challenges. We must know that the biopharmaceutical industry is an investment field with large investments, slow returns and high risks. How to improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, ensure drug safety, and shorten the time to market for new products are the focus of enterprises. Concerns. So how do companies act in the face of huge market opportunities and challenges?

It is understood that on August 26-28, 2020, the 8th Shanghai International Biofermentation Products and Technology Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Biofermentation" Exhibition ") will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, when many people of insight will come together to guide the development of the biopharmaceutical industry.

2020 Shanghai Fermentation Exhibition, focusing on various "new" in the biopharmaceutical industry

With the strong support of the policy, the industry said that in the future, it may be a good time for the innovation and development of China's biological and pharmaceutical industries, and that biological fermentation is indispensable for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, biological engineering, cell engineering, and laboratory equipment industries. It is bound to usher in huge development opportunities. Based on the "venture" of the development of the biopharmaceutical industry, the holding of the Shanghai Bio-fermentation Exhibition 2020 will set off a new climax for the innovation and development of the biopharmaceutical industry.

It is understood that the 2020 Shanghai Fermentation Exhibition, as the most anticipated annual event of the global bio-fermentation industry, will provide a competitive arena for 450 bio-fermentation industry exhibitors, 200 biotechnology and bio-pharmaceutical exhibitors with a display area of 40,000 square meters. Share over 40,000 professional audiences. At that time, the exhibition will gather new products, new technologies, new processes and new ideas in the biopharmaceutical industry, which can effectively enhance the industry brand, visibility and economic benefits, and help the innovation and development of the biotechnology industry.

In addition, the Shanghai Bio-fermentation Exhibition is also dedicated to building a professional comprehensive service platform of "industry coverage and industry-leading" that integrates "display, commerce, learning, and communication" for the bio-fermentation industry and related industries! Coupled with various supporting meetings and events during the exhibition, buyer matching meetings, seminars, exhibitions, exploration tours, selection awards, etc., will create a high-precision international bio-fermentation ecosystem.


At present, China is moving from a big country of generic drugs to a strong country of innovative drugs. From the perspective of the development of domestic biomedicine in recent years, biopharmaceuticals are gradually becoming "superior students" in the field of innovative drugs with the characteristics of high barriers, low decline and wide application. . Therefore, how to better promote the innovative development of medicine and biopharmaceuticals has become the focus of attention of China's pharmaceutical industry. On August 26-28, 2020, the Shanghai Bio-fermentation Exhibition held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center as the annual feast of the bio-fermentation industry will converge the industry's heroes. Under the collision of many innovative ideas, I believe that the majority of pharmaceutical companies will Get more new development ideas!


The 2020 Eighth Shanghai International Bio-fermentation Exhibition is under intense investment invitations, and the current booth booking is hot! As a large-scale trade event for the bio-fermentation industry, the 8th Shanghai International Bio-fermentation Exhibition 2020 sincerely welcomes the active participation of many companies at home and abroad. Sustainable development of the fermentation industry! Consultation conference telephone: 021-67602212 Wang Cheng 18516018928 or visit: www.biozl.net for more detailed consultation;

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