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ICIF chemical exhibition strongly promotes the establishment of "smart chemical-intelligent manufacturing exhibition area"

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In recent years, in order to promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization in the chemical industry,-actively promote the digital, network, and intelligent integration of the chemical industry, and accelerate the upgrading and optimization of the industrial layout. The “SmartChem-Smart Manufacturing Zone SmartChem Zone” came along and will be the highlight of the 19th ICIF China 2020. It will provide a complete set of smart chemical solutions to promote the transformation of Chinese petroleum and chemical companies, Structural adjustment, product upgrades, and green development have laid a solid foundation for the strong creation of a high-end chemical industry.

After decades of development, the scale, output and capacity of China's petroleum and chemical industries have been greatly improved-the output of chemicals ranks first in the world and the refining capacity ranks second in the world. 6 major refining core technologies and 5 major refining complete sets of technologies. It can be said that the industrialization level of China's petrochemical industry has ranked among the top in the world in terms of scale. However, the decentralization of traditional industries, overcapacity, high material consumption, insufficient self-sufficiency rate of high-end products, high pressure on safety and environmental protection, and high costs of labor and other production factors are still important factors limiting the development of our petrochemical industry. At the same time, the new round of ICT revolution, energy revolution and electric vehicle revolution has also brought severe challenges to the development of China's petrochemical industry.

Facing new opportunities and challenges, China's petrochemical industry has taken the initiative to move towards intelligence, digitalization, and networking. "2017-2018 China Intelligent Manufacturing Development Annual Report" shows that China has initially built more than 200 digital workshops / smart factories. In 2016, the market size of China's intelligent manufacturing system solutions reached 106 billion yuan, an increase of 18.4% year-on-year, and it is expected that it will exceed 220 billion yuan in 2020. The report also shows that China is initially setting up a smart manufacturing standard system that is in sync with international standards, building more than 100 smart manufacturing standard test and verification platforms, and issuing 74 national standards. At the same time, it has formed four intelligent manufacturing cluster areas including the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Rim, the Pearl River Delta, and the Midwest. Intelligentization has become the only way to promote the development of China's petrochemical industry towards high efficiency and greening, and to achieve a transformation from big to strong.
The SmartChem Zone of China International Chemical Industry Exhibition aims to provide intelligent solutions for the petrochemical industry; the exhibition area will center on DCS control systems, cloud computing, Internet of Things (including sensors, instruments, etc.), big data, The core of the smart chemical industry such as mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robots, and smart logistics, focuses on displaying digital and intelligent * new technologies and applications in the petrochemical industry.

The “SmartChem Digital and Intelligent Exhibition Zone SmartChem Zone” was strongly promoted by ICIF China 2020 and based on the advantages of ICIF platform's openness, interconnection, and collaboration, it has been won by Zhejiang Zhongkong, Siemens, Mido Smart Packaging, Honeywell, The support and active participation of customers such as Yokogawa, Changchun Fusion Intelligent Manufacturing, Shicang Intelligent Storage, Tongdao Intelligent Technology, and Jiangsu Innovative Packaging will show the successful cases and applications of digital enterprises, providing customers with flexibility, efficiency and quality. In terms of setting new benchmarks, highlighting the development history and style of intelligent enterprises; at the same time, it will combine the extensive application of petroleum and chemical companies and use a combination of points, lines, areas, and platforms to create a system solution that can be selected for orientation. The development direction will help in an all-round way to promote industry agglomeration and balanced development.

ICIF China keeps up with the petrochemical industry and market development trends, focuses on the display of new materials, new technologies and new equipment in the petroleum and chemical industry, better promotes the sustainable and high-quality development of the industry, and helps build a win-win platform for the coordinated development of the industry . At the 2019 ICIF China exhibition, 450 exhibitors interacted with nearly 20,000 professional visitors. PetroChina, Sinopec, Sinochem, National Energy Group, Shanghai Huayi, Yanchang Petroleum, Zhongbing Huajin Group, Luxi Group, Juhua Group, Tianjin Bohua, Gulf Group, Hengli Group, Rongsheng Group, Shenghong Leading companies and institutions in the Group, Satellite Petrochemical, Dongming Petrochemical, Jingbo Petrochemical, Wanda Petrochemical, Zhejiang Zhongkong and other industries have all participated in the exhibition, creating communication and trade and investment opportunities for exhibitors and visitors at home and abroad.

In accordance with the goals and development ideas established in the "13th Five-Year Plan", we have increased the implementation of the "two strategies" of innovation-driven and green development, and continued to promote the development of the petrochemical industry's layout structure, industrial structure, product structure, and organizational structure. Adjustment and optimization, continuously expanding and deepening the breadth and depth of international exchanges and cooperation, continuously improving the quality and efficiency of economic operations, and through the joint efforts of the entire system, significant achievements and progress have been achieved. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the petrochemical industry must take high-quality development as the foundation, continue to deepen the industry's supply-side structural reforms, and rely on advanced concepts such as innovation-driven, green development, and intelligent manufacturing to seize the commanding heights. ICIF will seize the opportunity and take advantage of the momentum to increase collaborative innovation with the upstream and downstream of the smart chemical industry chain to achieve win-win cooperation!
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About ICIF China
"China International Chemical Industry Exhibition (ICIF China)" was held for the first time in 1992. It was jointly organized by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade of the Chemical Industry and China Chemical Industry Information Center. Today's petroleum and chemical industry products and advanced technologies cover the entire petroleum, petrochemical, chemical and related industries, play a role in the development of the industry, and build a win-win platform for coordinated development.

ICIF China 2020 (19th) China International Chemical Industry Exhibition will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from September 16-18, 2020. The scale of this exhibition will exceed 30,000 square meters, with more than 600 participating companies. At the same time, the "Fifth International Conference on Smart Chemicals" will be held. At that time, well-known domestic and foreign *, scholars, and entrepreneurs will come together to work together for the development of the industry.

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