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Plato Tester Story

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First explain "Plato", this Plato is not the ancient Greek philosopher Plato we are familiar with, but a German chemist (Fritz Plato, 1858-1938), may not be very famous, because I did not check his details Information, found this sentence in English.

Technical data: 1. Plato P is a measure of the sugar content of the wort before fermentation. The density of wort is different at different fermentation stages of alcohol. 2. There is a non-linear relationship between Plato P and specific gravity, but an approximate value. So Plato P is not equal to the concentration. 3. The evaluation of beer bitterness is regulated by IBU and EBU, the evaluation of beer color is regulated by SRM, and the standard for evaluating beer strength is Plato P. 4. The degree of fermentation of beer determines its ultimate performance after fermentation. Including its own taste and alcohol content. 5. High ADF beer is lighter in beer and taste than low ADF beer. Principle: Plato degree P is measured by Archimedes's liquid buoyancy method. Special software calculations can quickly read the wort specific gravity SG, Plato P, and concentration%.

The use of Platonism is [Plato Degree and Density Tester AU-300Pl]

What is Plato? (Measurement of beer strength)
# Plato is used to determine the strength of beer and how much sugar the yeast can consume.
#Plato degree is the percentage extracted by weight to measure the wort density.
#Beer brewers, Plato is commonly used to measure the sugar content of wort before fermentation.

#In the winemaking industry it is called "Bali" ( BX)
# There is a non-linear relationship between Plato degree and specific gravity.
#Gravity Severity: refers to the proportion of wort in each stage of fermentation. Used in grape juice brewing industry and beer brewing industry.

The density of wort at all stages of alcoholic fermentation:
Plato glass hydrometers are used to measure the amount of sugar in a liquid. For brewers,
1. At the beginning, by measuring the sugar content of the wort and the alcohol content of the finished beer after the fermentation is more, you can also feel the degree of yeast fermentation.
2. Before the start of yeast, the specific gravity of the wort mainly depends on the amount of sugar present. The specific gravity reading can be used to measure the sugar content. Representation: The wort sugar content per 100 grams is equal to w / w% units.
3. As the fermentation progresses, the yeast converts sugar into carbon dioxide, ethanol, and more yeast flavor to produce compounds. The decrease in sugar content and the existing ethanol (slightly lower density than water) are both related to the decrease in wort specific gravity. Since then, the formulas for sugar content and specific gravity are no longer applicable.
4. However, through long-term monitoring of the decline in specific gravity, the brewer obtains information on the fermentation process. It is considered that when the specific gravity stops decreasing, the fermentation is completed. Compared with the original specific gravity, the specific gravity measured at this time can be used to estimate the amount of sugar consumed and the amount of ethanol produced thereby.
Currently, the percentage of alcohol is measured based on the depth of the wort falling into the wort.

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