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2019 National Plant Protection Exhibition ends successfully in Fuzhou Yangchun April Hunan International Agricultural Materials Exhibition

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On November 22nd, as the most authoritative and influential plant protection event in China's plant protection industry, it is also one of the world's largest, largest exhibits, and most influential plant protection exhibitions. The Pesticide Machinery Fair (referred to as the "2019 China Plant Protection Double Fair") ended in Fuzhou. It gathered more than 5,000 manufacturers, testing institutions, scientific research units and about 800,000 industry professionals from nearly 30 countries (regions) around the world and China Coming to the exhibition and exhibiting a comprehensive display of domestic and foreign plant protection products.

The 2020 Hunan International Agricultural Materials Fair Organizing Committee was also invited to participate and actively promoted the “2020 Hunan International Agricultural Materials Fair Organizing Committee” during the exhibition, distributing more than 5,000 exhibition promotional materials and professional audience invitations over 40,000. Please give me 5,000 business card cases and 20,000 tote bags, and communicate with Jiangxi Zhengbang Crop Protection Co., Ltd., Shandong Tuxiucai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Bayer Crop Science (China) Co., Ltd., and other brand companies. A total of 83 new and old customers were signed with 256 sales booths.

As an important industry event in the field of plant protection in China, the International Plant Protection Exhibition has strongly supported With the active participation, it has become an important platform for promoting agricultural development, promoting trade exchanges in the industry, helping enterprises develop markets, and developing trends in the industry. Each time it is held, it has attracted widespread attention from domestic and foreign industries.

The 2020 Hunan International Agricultural Materials Fair Organizing Committee is expected to have an exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, about 1,200 exhibitors, and more than 60,000 professional visitors. It will focus on tens of thousands of domestic and foreign * new products such as fertilizers and pesticides At the same time, there will also be hundreds of government leaders, well-known *, enterprises *, authoritative media, agricultural bureaus, plant protection stations, academies of agricultural sciences, distributors, etc. participating in the "2020 Hunan International Agricultural Materials Fair" held at the same time.

The 2020 Hunan International Agricultural Materials Fair Organizing Committee will join hands with various brand enterprises, as well as the pilot field leaders, plant protection stations, agricultural bureaus, agents, distributors, large planters, agricultural cooperatives, key agricultural units and The majority of news media will sing the 2020 Hunan International Agricultural Materials Fair to help China's agricultural development, achieve new results, and take it to a new level.

On April 9-10, 2020, the 2020 Hunan International Agricultural Materials Fair will be held at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, waiting for your arrival! We sincerely invite all walks of life in the industry to join forces and seek common development!

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