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Baume density meter story

Source: Hangzhou Jinmai Instrument Co., Ltd. Release time: 2019/11/22 15:54:01 Hits: 2328

Baume degree ( B) is a method for expressing the concentration of a solution. When the Baume hydrometer is immersed in the measured solution, the degree obtained is called Baume degree. Baume is named after French chemist Antoine Baume. Baume was a pharmacy apprentice and was a professor at the Paris Academy of Pharmacy. He created a hydrometer, the Baume Hydrometer.

The Baume meter is divided into various types according to the different scale methods. The commonly used Baume meter scale method is based on 20 C, 0 B in distilled water; 15 B in 15% sodium chloride solution. ; In pure sulfuric acid (relative density is 1.8427), the remaining divisions of 66 B are equally divided.

Wash and dry the density meter, and slowly put it into an appropriate measuring cylinder containing the test solution. Do not touch the periphery and bottom of the container. Keep the temperature of the test solution at 20 C. After it is still, press it a little, then After it rises naturally and stands still until no bubbles emerge, observe the scale at the intersection with the liquid surface from a horizontal position, which is the relative density of the sample. If the measured temperature is not 20 C, the measured value should be corrected.

The methods of measuring the Baume degree of different solutions are similar. They are all based on the method of measuring specific gravity. According to the measured specific gravity, check the table to convert the concentration. At present, Baume watches for different solutions are all dedicated, such as alcohol Baume watches and saline Baume watches. On this Baume watch, the concentration of the solution corresponding to the Baume degree of the solution can be directly read without Look it up.

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