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March Chengdu International Water Show • Water Purification Show takes you to the 100 billion water purification market

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With the promotion of healthy drinking water concepts and consumption upgrades, residents have begun to pay attention to drinking water safety and health, and the demand of the water purification industry has grown rapidly. According to the data in the "White Paper on China's Water Purification and Air Purification Industry Consumption", China will gradually form a year within the next 15 years. The net water consumption market is 100 billion yuan. The early water purification market dividends are gradually released. The simple product coverage period has passed. It has entered an iterative phase of intensive cultivation. With the support of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, social and economic development in western China has developed rapidly. The development space is expected and attracts wide attention in the industry.

The 2020 CDWE 16th Chengdu International Water Show End Water Purification Special Exhibition will be held at Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 31st to April 2nd, 2020, aiming to deepen the commercial, civil, municipal, and industrial fields in the west Professional buyers, focusing on providing one-stop water purification technology for home improvement engineers, architectural design units, water purification merchants in western provinces and cities, plumbing building materials and other market distribution agents, hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants and other commercial and public construction units It is a docking platform with service supply and demand, helping water purification brands and participants to explore the western water purification market.

The conference invited the Sichuan Environmental Protection Industry Association Indoor Environment and Health Special Committee, Sichuan Water Treatment and Resource Recycling Association and other industry organizations to participate. It is expected to reach an exhibition area of 40,000 square meters, 500 exhibitors and 28,000 visitors, attracting exhibitors such as Angel, Haozer, Senle, Japan Beauty Water, Sun Rain, Four Seasons Muge, Qinerkang, Keflon, Langrun Times, Canada Lanze, Bi Li, etc. came to participate in the exhibition during the same period, domestic and foreign *, companies *, channels Businesses and distributors plan to hold conferences such as the Western Conference on Water Purification Engineering, the conference on the release and exchange of new technologies and products, the whole house purification system exchange, and the brand ordering meeting.

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