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Don't give up, even if your dreams are out of reach

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Before college, I had a dream. The rusty knife in the dream chopped the leaves of sweet potatoes, in the gray stone ballast, the half-broken green and red leaf stems were mixed with bran paste, and several large pigs with long ears and black flowers were eating greedily. Results In the early morning, gastroenteritis attacked, and cold sweats swelled immediately after waking up.

Wrap my clothes and cover the stomach to call the car to the hospital. I was sitting in the emergency room and infused, rubbing my hair and staring at the ceiling of the hospital. Near graduation, but without the courage to face life. Before living a carefree life, there are still many worrying nights, turning dreams, reality and lowly self into a pot of Chinese medicine. The pessimistic mood made me fall on my own, slowly being drowned by this trend.

I took out my mobile phone and wanted to call my family but closed it. I was counting the moldy spots on the wall of the drugstore door, and I didn't know what to say, and became more and more silent.

After going back to the dormitory and drinking medicine, I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth in the mirror. For a few minutes, I didn't talk and looked at myself in the mirror quietly. All the clips of the past spread out frame by frame in my mind. Looking at the bangs still dripping, the dark stubble on the chin was suddenly hit by a sentimental sharp arrow, uncomfortable to bend down immediately, without mouthwash, with a mouthful of white foam, Turn back to the room.

Later, speaking to a friend about this, I said to her: "A long time ago, I remember that I would always look for security in various ways, and I found out that in fact no one can give me a sense of security, and gradually I I knew how to regulate myself. I didn't feel that I was as strong as I thought. The reason was to live simple dreams. This year I must give myself some time to learn something systematically. "

"It's really old-fashioned dialogue." She sniffled. "You're in your early twenties, don't despair."

"Without imitating despair, it proves that my mental quality is good enough, I have encountered so many strange things, and I have no mental breakdown to this day, and I feel that I am nervous enough." Strange dream, as if I was the pig in captivity.

There is a poem in North Island: At that time we had dreams, about literature, about love, and travel across the world. Although we are still dreaming, we are trembling, we are going forward, we are mixed with blood and tears, and we are walking forward with the smell and wind. The dream seems to be out of reach, in fact, the reality is not still around chai yi siu vinegar tea, * later became the black-backed flower pig eating the feed in peace, always for survival.

The one who dreamed of us has all learned to bow his head.


There is a tea shop behind the Carrefour supermarket in the city center. The facade is connected to the three bedrooms at the back. A door is filled with various books and publications. The boss is a somewhat bald uncle from Taiwan. Although the business in the store is not good, he can make it. Anyway, he just needs a cover for life and doesn't care about income.

I once asked him: "Opening a milk tea shop is your dream, you must be happy every day."

"Unhappy," he said, "because it's exhausting."

"Who doesn't want dreams to come true. Sometimes, what we need is not a dream, but a direction, but my direction is deviated." He put the ice cube into the ice crusher and pressed it hard, as if to dream it too Crush together.

Regardless of the outcome, in the process of breaking the dream, you can never return to the life you once dreamed of. The status quo of peace and progress has been able to satisfy him to comfort him, and what courage he has to desperately gamble with "now" to gamble on an unpredictable future. And those who give up their dreams dare not to test the future with the security of the present, and then enjoy the path they choose. Whether it's hard or comfortable, it's your choice.

But I still admire those who have given up their lives of ease and went to another city to live for their dreams. Even abandoning this little bit of stability, even if you want to start a long love letter between the two places, living in a dark and narrow underground studio, holding the meager salary when you start your dream, working day and night endlessly. .

I watched him skillfully repeat the movement hundreds or thousands of times, and secretly refuted.

"When I was in my 20s, no one told me that it would be so difficult in my 30s." He handed me the prepared milk tea. "You are still young. If you do n’t try it, you will regret it."



I never saw the mountains when I was young, and the first mountain I never thought of was life. When I started to worry about life, I realized that the train of youth was almost there. The only thing I didn't expect was that it stopped abruptly at the high speed, which caused me to smash my blood.

People will not * live, everything will be empty decades later. More and more young people are anxious to walk more comfortably with others than others, and want to make themselves a Better Me, but we avoid it. Whether it is "people want to be stable" or "the courage to face a bleak life." In short, apart from sexual impulses, we no longer have the urge to use our abilities to fight our dreams, even if we rub our shoulders.

What is a dream? A dream is something that has an inexhaustible motivation to release itself. As long as there is a chance to get you close to it, you will easily abandon your so-called illusory feelings and try your best to catch it.

It's just that reality has defeated many people. Even if you can keep yourself, you can't keep the things around you. Look at everything around you. Only yourself is left. The unbearable weight is time, but no one can bear that weight.

There is still a long way to go in my life, and the lively streets are full of crowded dreams. Don't give up, even if you are far away, don't eagerly want to be the best self. Anyway, the lights will light up late at night, and when people leave, it will be cool, so why be anxious.


Wilde said: There are two kinds of tragedies in life, one is what you can't get. One is already obtained. Always want to pursue something, but this often means that you will lose something. We are too young, so we think about everything too well.

this is not right.

In front of my dreams, I often hesitate for a long time and think again and again, but still have no courage to use now as the entire bet. The injustice of this world * is because some people have the ability to accept injustice and others cannot accept it. If everyone has the ability to accept injustice, this world will be fair. This is an excuse that I edited to deceive myself, and I must laugh at the situation. Sometimes my struggle can't see a glimmer of hope. I can only encourage myself by writing a sentence.

Before exiting this gamble, I often think of an excuse for myself, such as "reality". Began to change in stubborn resistance again and again. Some become comfortable with the status quo, some start to doubt themselves, and some choose to forget the past and kill the past, and then become the loser of this struggle. However, when I saw others betting with the same bets as we did, he gritted his teeth desperately and bet a lot of money. I appreciate their desperate courage and extraordinary ability, and I envy them.

After learning about right and wrong for more than 20 years, I found that the reality is only about winning or losing, which is not growth.

The dreams of others may not be inferior to you, but they are more brilliant than you. If you are already happy enough, you probably don't want to tangle those so-called dreams. But we are probably unhappy now, so we are so anxious to deny ourselves.

The life we want is nothing more than to experience the world and to meet the storms that may bring us to the ground. Fighting all the way to dreams is not to change the world, but to prevent this world from changing us.

The journey of dream realization is not a flat road, so it is extremely precious.

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